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Is the word large a negative positive or neutral connotation?

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the word large is positive

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A negative connotation for large?


Is an element with a large negative electron affinity most likely to form a positive ion a negative ion or a neutral atom?

negative ion

Is the large prong positive on a polarized plug?

POSITIVE and NEGATIVE are Direct Current (DC) terms In Alternating Current (AC) terms it is: HOT-LEG (brass colored screw) and NEUTRAL (silver colored screw) On polarized plugs 120volts, the larger prong is the neutral

Do all things have electric charges?

Basically, all matter is made up of positive and negative electric charges. In many cases, the positive and negative charges cancel one another, so that the object appears to be neutral on a large scale, to the outside - or it may be closely enough balanced so as to appear to be neutral. In other cases, there may be a net positive or a net negative charge. Please note that there are indeed particles, such as the photon, the neutrino, and the (as-yet hypothetical) graviton, that have no electric charge.

What is the positive and negative effects of a large population of a country?


Does a negative number times positive infinity equal negative infinity?

Yes. Multiplying a negative number by a very large positive number will equal a large negative number. If you have the function y = -x, then as x approaches infinity, y will approach negative infinity at the same rate.

Why do negative and negative become positive?

A negative and a negative can yield a positive result in some cases.SubtractionSubtracting a negative number is the same as adding its negative value, which is positive. So if the subtracted number is larger in value, the answer will be positive.(-4) - (-3) = (-4) + 3 = (-1) * the subtracted number was not large enough(-4) - (-8) = (-4) + 8 = 4 *the subtracted number was large enough to yield a positiveMultiplication and DivisionWhenever a negative number and a negative number are multiplied or divided, the negative signs "cancel out" and the result is positive.(-2) x (-3) = 6(-6) / (-3) = 2A multiplication or division involving one negative and one positive will, however, have a negative result.

How do radii of positive and negative ions compare with atoms of the same element?

Small positive ion, Mid elemental atom, Large negative ion.

What are positive and negative effects on the environment from hydroelectric energy?

Positive - it does not create pollution. Negative - sometimes large areas are drowned by building the dam, and people are displaced

Properties of charges?

There are three different types of charges: positive, negative, and neutral. All three have their own specific properties having to do solely on atomic particles. In positive substances or ions, you will have a large number of protons which have a positive charge to outnumber the charge of the electrons which give off a negative charge, and lastly you have neutrons which don't really give a substance anything other than mass, to get a neutral charge the protons and neutrons must be in equal amounts to cancel out each others' charges.

Which stars always have large positive absolute magnitude?

Small stars that are not bright have a large positive absolute magnitude.The magnitude scale is inverted. Negative means brighter, positive means dimmer.

Why is positive minus negative positive plus positive?

To subtract a negative number is the equivalent of adding a positive number. Subtracting is the opposite of adding. If adding a negative number is equivalent to subtraction, then subtracting a negative number must be equivalent to addition. A big positive number, such as, let us say, having a large bank account, is the opposite of having a large debt, which would be a negative amount of money. If you owe a thousand dollars, that means you have negative $1000. If you can subtract that debt by paying it off, then you have added $1000 to your net worth. so it makes perfect sense.

What if you add a large positive number with a small negative number - Which sign will the answer have ... Positive or Negative?

If you have MORE positive amounts, than you have negative amounts, then the balance is a POSITIVE result. So answer is POSITIVE. Think of it like this:- -6+9 is the same thing as +9-6, and, 9minus 6 = 3 but we only bother with the 'sign' if the amount is a negative amount, so 3 always means +3

What is the structure of an atom?

A nucleus having the main atom weight and composed of protons (of positive electric charge) and neutrons (of neutral electric charge), andelectrons (of negative electric charge) orbiting around the nucleus at relatively very large distance.

Connotation of The mansion overwhelmed us?

large suprised

What are the positive and negative effects of earthquakes?

Some negative effects are deaths of a lot of people,large amounts of land being destroyed,fires, and mudslides in some cases.

Where does the positive and negative go on a starter for a 1993 dodge intrepid?

The positive goes on the large stud. The engine ground wire goes under the center starter bolt.

A tiger is a large carnivorous cat. What is its connotation?


Do cougars have a positive or negative impact on humans?

Cougars typically have a positive impact on humans as they are an essential part of the food chain. These large cats are normally fearful of humans, heading the other way when they see one, eliminating any negative impact.

Does a steep line have a negative slope?

This is unrelated. A steep line has a LARGE slope. The slope is positive if the line goes up from left to right; negative if it goes down from left to right.

Is factory farming positive or negative?

It is neither. It is just a phrase coined by animal rights activists to refer to large-scale animal agriculture, though it certainly has very negative connotations.

Is it a positive or negative effect to use nuclear power?

It produces electricity in nuclear power plants, which I would call positive there are negative and positive affects for the use of nuclear energy. It emits low levels of radiation, the making of these plants and to get the fuel for these plants emit large levels of carbon dioxide into the air. -m

A function has vertical asymptotes at x-values for which it is and near which the function's values become very positive or negative numbers?

Undefined; large

What are four different effects of feedback on the function of an amplifier?

1. Negative feedback can increase linearity at the expense of losing gain. 2. & 3. Positive feedback can result in large increases in gain until the increases becomes so large that oscillation occurs. 4. Positive or negative feedback at one frequency can result in enhanced or decreased response to that frequency.

Are large eukaryotic cells gram negative or gram positive?

Gram negative. Eukaryotic cells lack the thick peptidoglycan layer needed to retain the stain/mordant complex during the Gram stain.