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Is the world flat?

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toca boca strawxberry
Answered 2020-12-11 14:01:09

No Because if we were on a plane we wont fall of the earth cause the earth is round

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No. However, for surveying and other purposes, the curvature of the Earth is unimportant for local scales and distances.

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What is the world is flat?

okkkay this is a little strange.....?? the world is not flat

How many pages does The World Is Flat have?

The World Is Flat has 488 pages.

Who wrote the book the world is flat?

Thomas Friedman wrote The World Is Flat.

Who first argued that the world was flat?

The entire human race (at first) thought the world was flat, because to a person at ground level, the world does look flat.

When did Christopher Columbus discover the world was flat?

The world is not flat. It's oval shaped.

What impact will a flat world have on your standard of living?

What impact will a flat world have on your standard of living

What is the ISBN of The World Is Flat?

The ISBN of The World Is Flat is 0-374-29288-4.

What is flat world?

flat world is what the dumb people use to think a long time ago

What has the author Thomas Friedman written?

Thomas Friedman has written: 'The Copy Book' 'The World is Flat on Playaway' 'La Tierra Es Plana / The World Is Flat' 'The World Is Flat'

Who found out the world was flat?

Christopher Columbus found out that world was round.The person who asked this question found out that world was flat.

Is there any verse in the Book of Hebrews saying the world is flat?

No, there is not. The Greeks did not believe the world was flat, and they wrote the New Testament.

Did christopher Columbus believe the world was flat?

No, that is a fable. The people of his time knew the world wasn't flat.

Minecraft seed generators for flat areas?

You cannot get a seed currently that will make all of the Minecraft world flat, although there is a way to do that. Simply go on the internet and find a flat land world. You have to put it in your Minecraft files and then you can play of a completely flat world.

How can students prpare themselves for competing in today's flat world?

How can students prepare themselves for competing in a flat world

Why children think the world is flat?

If all that you have to go on is what you see for yourself, from ground level, then the world does look flat.

When was The World Is Flat - album - created?

The World Is Flat - album - was created on 2002-07-16.

Did Christopher Columbus think the world was flat?

Yes he sure did think it was flat.

Did Columbus say the world was round or flat?

round his men were scared it was flat

Which is the biggest and highest flat in the world?

The biggest and highest flat area in the world is in Tibet. This is called the Tibetan Plateau. It is also nicknamed the "roof of the world".

Is a globe and a world map the same?

no, because a world map could be a flat map and a globe cannot be a flat map.

Is there a world seed in minecraft that makes the whole world flat?

You do not need a seed. When you are creating the world, go into the world options and click the "Superflat World" button, then create the world. The world should be completely flat.

What actors and actresses appeared in When the World Was Flat - 2013?

The cast of When the World Was Flat - 2013 includes: Arthur MacKinnon as Elliott

What is the world's largest region of flat land?

russia is the largest flat land in the world.

Why does my Minecraft flat world have water lava and stone around it?

Flat worlds can still be customized, and can have lava pools, grass + flowers, floating mineshafts, etc. You can customize it when you're creating the world (I think you have to choose "flat world" then click "Customize").

Who created the first flat map of the world?

Gerardus Mercator creates the first flat map