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Is their any aftermarket true dual exhausts for a 92 Caprice 305?

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A catalyst for automobile exhausts removes carbon dioxide. True or False?

that is true

What sounds better true dual exhaust or conversion exhaust?

true dual by far

Will adding dual exhaust and spark plug change increase gas milage on a sport trac?

If it needs new spark plugs then that will help gas mileage but if the plugs are firing ok and gapped correctly then new plugs will not help. Adding true dual exhausts will add a little power and may help mileage slightly but you will prpbably never ever recoup the cost of the dual exhaust system in fuel savings.

Maga flow converter for a 2003 F150 from what you were told that the aftermarket will not shut off the check engine light unless you get ford original part is this true?

It could be true, if the aftermarket converter is not as efficient as the OEM.

What are the advantages of having dual exhaust?

The advantages of having dual exhaust, if it is a true dual exhaust, include increased gas mileage, cooler engine temperature, and more engine horsepower. However, if it is not a true dual exhaust, it doesn't matter how many exhaust ports there are, there will be no advantage.

Does 93 Infinity Q45's have true dual exhaust?

No it does not because my friend has one with true dual exhaust and it is 5 times more louder and it crackles over 3,000 rpm

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Can you dual out a 95 Pontiac firebird?

you can only use the single in and dual muffler on the rear to get dual exhaust.there is no way to use true dual pipes under the car.the floor pan is to low and they cant cross the rear axle.....

Does the 2006 gto come with true dual exhaust?

yes I believe it did.

Can you get true dual exhaust for your 1996 f150?

yes you can on eBay too

How exactly does dual exhaust help a 1995 Chevy Caprice?

I would guess it is a little help since it does relieve a little back pressure. Back in the old days when cars had true duel exhaust, the pipes ran straight back on each side. Now, the exhuast usually comes from a single pipe off the exhaust manifold, into the catalytic converter at which point it either splits and goes to separate mufflers and then out the back OR a single pipe back to one muffler which has two outlets for the duels. At best either is mainly for the effect and the sound. A few vehicles do have two cats and entire systems but not Chevy cars as far as I know (except vettes and some older trucks)................actually not true my caprice 94 9c1 5.7 350 and everybody elses do have true dual exhaust. only the 94, 95, and 96 caprice and impalas with 5.7 350's have this though!

Is dual scan better than an active matrix?

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What is true dual exhaust?

true dual exhaust would mean that each pipe would be atached to an exhaust manifold of its own. It might be a v6 or v8 or as in the old days an inline 6 whith a split manifold was popular.

Can you true dual a 1999 Ford F-150 with a 5.4 motor?

Yes you can.

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Is a duel exhaust better for performance?

True dual exhaust is better for performance. Most cars on the road nowadays have the "fake" dual exhaust - tips only. They feed via the catalytic converter then after the rear axle - they branch into dual (or Y shaped) thus making the appearance of dual exhaust.

Are true dual exhaust legal in pa if you have two cats and two mufflers and it exits out the back of the truck past the body?

yes, they are legal, true dual pipes are the best type of pipes that you can buy. compared to "single and a double pipes" which aren't loud at all. of course there are straight pipes which have no cat converters, but those sound like crap. so basically if you have true dual pipes you have the best money can buy

Did the 1989 camaro iroc-z have true dual exhaust?

not a true dual exhaust. most cars had two piped that fed into a single catalytic converter, then a single 3 inch pipe out and over the rear axle. some cars had an option of "dual exhaust" where each exhaust manifold fed into its own catalytic converter, then into that same single 3" pipe. some guys have fabricated true dual exhaust systems for these takes a lot of work to get two pipes over the rear axle and out the back of the car, but it is possible.

Why do some cars have two exhaust pipes Is it just for looks or dual exhaust system improve car's performance?

In some case it is just for looks as they are not true dual exhaust systems. In other cases they are for improved performance and are true dual exhaust systems. On most V6 or V8 cars they do improve performance. On a 4 cylinder they do very little to improve performance.

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How much horsepower does true dual exhaust add to a dodge charger sxt?

about 5 - 10 hp

How do you convert a 1988 Caprice Classic from single exhaust to a 'true' dual exhaust?

The only main problem you are going to have is there is no dual exhaust cross member available as far as I know, but a good custom pipe bender at a muffler shop can pancake the driverside pipe. Which means they square off the pipe where it won't hang below the crossmember's nonexistant hump. If you run dual after market converters it should pass emmissions.If you want the look of duals, go to Big Al's muffler and break. They do cat-back (from the converter back) duals for $200. I don't think putting true duals on this car is worth the money as you need another converter not to mention the problems mentioned above.Actually, you can get a dual humped cross-member out of an older model Caprice cop car, but they're hard to find.No, that is not true. No 77-90 B-Body GMs had double hump crossmembers. Even the 9C1s had a single converter that split into two pipes.One option is to take the cross member to a good welder and have him cut a section out, flip it over and re-weld it. Then use 1/4" angle iron to reinforce the cross member. Use it on both sides of the C M and extend the angle iron 6" in either direction from the out side edge of your modification.

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Why does a muffler have two tail pipes from one muffler?

A cheaper option for dual exhaust without making it a true dual exhaust from the exhaust manifold/headers. Not much performance gained just appearance.