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Q: Is their nude in Sims 3?
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Is ther a way to keep The Sims nude is sims 3?

i added a link that will bring you to a download. just download the patch and your sims will nude.

How do you make sims unblurred on Sims 3?

You can buy the nude mod or you can find it in the sims 3 exchange.

How do you get rid of blur in sims 3 PC?

You will need to download the Sims 3 Nude Patch to remove the blur.

How do you see the sims 3 on the toilet without the blur?

There is a mod that removes blurs, i do not have it but type sims 3 nude mod or try mod the sims 3.

How do you make your sim nude in Sims 3?

i guess you could do that in the sims1 but you can't make your sim nude in the sims3.

How do you make sims nude in sims cast away for ps2?

You cannot make a sim nude in Sims Castaway.

How do you get your sims nude on The Sims 3?

As you might know, Sims cannot be completely nude. They go all, y'know, fuzzy. Anyway, the nude-est they can get is in the shower, bath, or skinny dipping in a hot tub or swimming pool. Sometimes you can steal someone's clothes while they are in the pool and they have to walk around "in the nude." :P

How do you make a sims 3 nude?

u cant apart from being electrocuted

How do you make your sims nude no blur?

Check out mod the sims

Can you be nude in sims 2?

if you have sims 2 university, you can strip and run around. Its funny. And when you take a shower or bath you are nude. . . :)

How do you make sims nude on sims castaway for PC?

Use a mod!

How do you get a nude sim on sims 3 for ipod touch?

You have to do all wishes then divorce your spouse and be gay or lesbian

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