Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Is there 2 regions in Pokemon diamond?


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there is only one region


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No, there are no other regions in Pokemon Diamond.

You cannot get to different regions in Pokémon Diamond because there are no different regions.

There is only one region in Pokemon diamond.

there is only the sinnon region is Pokemon diamond

If you mean Pokemon Regions then the answer is no! There are only 4 games with 2 regions and that's Pokemon: Gold, Silver, Heart Gold and Soul Silver!

no but you can migrate Pokemon from other regions so your pokedex gets larger

Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond

You can't. But you could migrate from diffrent regions

In Pokemon diamond you can get a skull fossil, which will form into Cranidos. After you get a national dex, you can get fossils from other regions.

Unfortunantly you cant go to other regions in Pokemon diamond and pearl. its not like leafgreen,firered,gold,silver and crystal version where you travel to different regions. You can't, Sinnoh is the only region available in the game.

The Sinnoh region is the only region in Pokemon Diamond, although the area in the northeast of Sinnoh is like a mini-region.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl starts in the Sinnoh region and doesn't allow the player to move to other regions. It is considered the fourth generation of Pokemon.

No, different regions aren't even programmed in the game.

What you have to do is catch all the Pokemon from all the other regions(complete national dex.

No you cannot go to other regions in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond version but in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver you can go to the Jotoh region.

It means that now u have access to all 493 Pokemon in all of the regions

not in diamond but i am currently working on a reigon for topaz & amythist if you have anymore Pokemon Qus just email me at

some fire Pokemon, vulpix or just look in your game and don't be lazy.Also in diamond once you entered firered in the slot migrate your Pokemon if the regions kanto or hoenn then enter pal park in diamond and you'll get to enter a show then you will be able to catch Pokemon from firered there.

The entirety of Pokemon Pearl and Diamond is set in the Sinnoh region. There is no way to revisit any of the other Pokemon world regions.

there r 2 regions. sinnoh and the battle frontier

You have to beat the Pokemon League and get the National Pokedex and go underground and dig for one.

you cant be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

Yes you can. Mainly once you beat the elite four, but other more common Pokemon can be found that are not exclusive to the Sinnoh region.

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