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Error coins often attract the attention of a nation at times. The errors in the State Quarters and the Washington Quarter/ Sacagawea Dollar mule, for example. Pennies too have their famous errors. The 1955 double die, the 1922 missing "D", 1943 copper cent, 1944 steel cent just to name a few. Millions of new coins are searched each year by collectors seeking new errors. Books and guides are available for those who are interested in collecting or investing in error coins.

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yes it was printed twice

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Q: Is there A penny that was printed incorrectly?
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What is the value of a 1985d Roosevelt dime printed incorrectly?

It's depends on what printed incorrectly means. Post a new question with more detailed information

Is money that was printed incorrectly worth money?

Yes, actually in most cases it's worth more than correctly printed money.

What is the value of a Canadian 1994 dime printed as a penny?

The dime couldn't have been printed as a penny. Different productions and not connected during the minting process. Sounds like your coin is a damaged one.

In the 1948 election which newspaper incorrectly predicted and printed results?

The Chicago Daily Tribune incorrectly stated that President Truman would lose his seat to Dewey.

Is A wheat penny printed on a dime worth anything?

roughly 1,500$.

What was the first pictures printed on?

The One Penny Black had a silhouette of Queen Victoria on it.

What was the first picture printed?

The One Penny Black had a silhouette of Queen Victoria on it.

What is the value of a 1975 penny not printed in a complete circle?

Error coins need to be seen, take it to a collector or dealer. NOTE: coins are struck, not printed.

Is an Irish Eire a Penny?

No. Eire is the Irish for Ireland. Pingin is Irish for Penny.

If a penny was printed on a dime and you can barely see the dime imprint under the penny and the dime is the exact size of a penny is it worth anything?

The value to a collector depends on the coin's condition. Show it to a coin dealer.

What is a 1989 1 cent penny from Canada worth with elizabeh the 2 printed on the back?

One cent. It's a common circulation coin. Please note - "penny" is simply slang for a cent, so a "one cent penny" is a bit like saying "a round circle". Also, coins are struck or minted, not printed. Paper bills are printed.

Observations page in passport what is you for?

The observations page in a passport is used for making notes. This commonly occurs if details in the passport have been printed incorrectly.