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Is there Parking at Alexandria VA Amtrak?


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January 21, 2010 2:25PM

Yes, but be prepared to pay for it heavily.

The station itself has a very small number of parallel spots, approximately 10-12, and finding one of those empty is a crapshoot at best. But, they are free and available for long term parking.

Be careful, there is what appears to be a parking lot to the right of the station (if your back is to the masonic temple facing the station), but it is not public, it is city owned vehicle parking only, and that is enforced tightly.

There is a public "kiss and ride" area across the street which is suitable for day parking, at a small charge, but overnight parking is not allowed (they will tow).

Alternatively, there is the parking garage attached to the embassy suites hotel approx 0.2 miles away that is open 24/7, parking there costs as much as $20/day.