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Is there a 10 shot magazine for Winchester 69A?


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2013-04-06 03:45:22

Do a search for Winchester Model 69A ammo clip 10 round and you'll find multiple availability...mostly in the $30 and up range...readily available...

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Winchester never made a 10rd magazine for this rifle.It was designed to hunt with and carried a 5 round magazine only.

There is a tube extension for a Winchester Defender 1100. Extensions include a 7 shot, 8 shot, and a 10 shot.

what would be the value of 32 cal, automatic with a 10 shot magazine?

Maybe ammo,or Numrich gun parts far as I know these winchester model 88 rifles which were made to hunt with came with only a 5 round magazine from the factory.If you find one it will most likely be a after market made magazine.

From your question I would believe that you have a Winchester model 1887 lever action shotgun.These shotguns were available in 10 gauge,or 12 gauge,with a 4 shot magazine tube,and a 30in or 32in barrel with a full choke fluid steel barrels.There were 64,855 made between the years 1887-1901.

The Winchester model 1901 shotgun was made between the years 1901-1920.

A Winchester model 1900 .22cal single shot is valued at between 110-400 dollars for a gun with between 10%-70% of its original finish remaining and a good bore.These single shot rifles were only made for 3 years,from 1899-1902.

The Winchester 94 Wrangler/Trapper with the 16" barrel holds (9) .357's and (10) 38SPL's which makes it a neat gun for Cowboy Action Shooting.

Your Winchester model 1904 single shot rifle will range in price from 90-300 dollars for a rifle showing between 10%-80% of it,s original finish,and a good bore.

Chris Winchester is 5' 10". sells 10 round magazines specifically for the Savage 93r17 Want ad, auction sites, gun shows, gun shops

A Winchester model 1904 single shot .22cal rifle is valued between 90-350 dollars based on the rifle having between 10%-90% of its original finish remaining.

I can't find any reference to a Stevens mod 320 however if it is similar to their mod 124 (12 ga, bolt action, 3 shot box magazine, 1950's manufacture) then you will not find an extended magazine for this gun. Stevens never made a 5 shot magazine for this gun and no after market companies would either. A 12 ga pump with extended tube magazine is a better solution.

Winchester Osgood died on 1896-10-18. has two originals on auction with a beginning bid of $60 & $65 has them for $35 + $7 shipping for an aftermarket.

Taxation Magazine was created in 1927-10.

Pretty much impossible to value with just the sn and caliber. 10-1000 USD range

Jesse Winchester was born in Cornwall, Ontario on 10-04-83.

Fred Winchester Sladen died on 1945-07-10.

Your winchester model 1902 .22cal single shot is valued at between 60 dollars for a gun with 10% of its original finish remaining,up to 200 dollars for a gun with 80% of its original finish remaining and a good bore.

NUMRICH CORP. APROX. $15 EACH FOR A 10 SHOT CLIP NEW, If you need one get 2 just in case !!

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