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The games that you can get on disc for the Wii are Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. On the Wii Shop Channel, you can buy WiiWare for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, and Crystal Defenders. Also on the Wii Shop Channel, you can download Virtual Console games for Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

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Will Final Fantasy 6 be on WII?

Final fantasy 6 is also known as final fantasy 3. Final fantasy 3 is available in the wii virtual console in wii shop in the super Nintendo section. I Hope this helped.

Final Fantasy echoes of time?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time is a Wii and Nintendo DS action role-playing game in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series developed by Square Enix.

Final fantasy VII free Nintendo download?

i want for my son Nintendo wii,it is his dream thanks

Which is the best Final Fantasy game available for Nintendo DS or Wii?

For the Nintendo DS in my opinion Final Fantasy III is the best game, Its got good graphics and an incredible story line. I would strongly recommend it to all Final Fantasy fans and new fans. Final fantasy III is mostly sword and magic battles. Not sci fi like some fantasy's You can also use Wi-fi to send messages to your friends who also have FFIII and a friend code.

Is the game De Blob on psp?

no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii. no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii. no, but it will be available for the Nintendo wii.

How many final fantasies are their?

Well let's see... There's the 13 Final Fantasys. The sequel to final fantasy x (x-2) The 3 Final Fantasy Legend games for the Game Boy. The Final Fantasy Adventure game for the Game Boy (although that's from the Secret of Mana family) Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus for the Ps2. Final Fantasy Crisis Core for the PsP Final Fantasy Tactics for the Psx Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy Revenant Wings for the DS The 2 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle games for the Gamecube Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, The Crystal Bearers for the Wii And Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring Of Fate for the DS And I haven't even mentioned the updated ones, or the collection ones....

What is a Wii game?

A Wii game is a game disc that is made specifically for the Nintendo Wii.

How do you save your game on Final Fantasy 6 for the Wii?

Press + to open the menu then press 2 on Save.

What is the best game Xbox360 or Nintendo Wii?

i think Nintendo wii is the best

Who invented the Wii Nintendo game system?

The Nintendo Wii was invented in Japan.

Are they making a Final Fantasy 7 remake?

Well there was a PS3 remake but many would like to see it on the Nintendo Wii. (Not a fanboy just saying.)

Where can you buy games for Nintendo Wii?

you could buy a Nintendo wii game at gamestop.

When did the Nintendo Wii came out?

the Nintendo wii came out November 27th 2006 along with wii sports the game

Can you play a Nintendo Wii U game on a Nintendo Wii?

No but the opposite is possible where WiiU can play Wii games.

How can you play Nintendo DS games on your Wii?

You cannot put the Nintendo DS game card in your Wii. The only way to play the game that you got for your DS on your Wii is to buy another copy of the game that is compatible with the Wii. Yes you can because on the wii settings its got nintendo game slot-A

Can you get Final Fantasy 4 for GameCube?

The only gamecube final fantasy is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. There is a second one of that series if I'm correct and one for the Wii as well.

What was the first game on the Wii?

The First Game on the Nintendo WII Gaming System Was : Wii Sports

How and where can your get Nintendo Wii points?

you can get wii points (which are now Nintendo points) from a game shop or from the wii its self. to get them from the wii go on the wii shop channal

Who invented the Wii game console?

who invented the nintendo wii game console ?

Can Littlebigplanet be on the Nintendo Wii?

No it is a Playstation Exclusive and no Nintendo Wii game versions exist or will be released

Is Nintendo Wii Japanese?

yes the Wii is created by Nintendo a Japanese video game company

When was the first Nintendo Wii game launched?

The first Nintendo Wii game was launched the same year the console was launched, which was 2006. Since then, there have been many games released for the Nintendo Wii.

Is Final Fantasy XII on wii?

No. It's on PlayStation 2

Is there sims on Nintendo Wii?

Yes, there is The Sims game for the Wii

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