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Google Earth 5.0 and higher runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

For Windows XP and older computers if Google Earth 7.x doesn't work then 6.2.2 is probably the best bet to try.

Note as of Google Earth 6.0 the older 5.0 is no longer available for download on Google's direct download page, but you can still download versions 5.1 through 7.1.

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Q: Is there a Google Earth version 5.0 for Windows XP?
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Google Earth download is ~25MB on Mac and ~15Mb on Windows plus possibly 50-100Mb to download the initial layers and imagery. The installed Google Earth application is larger than the downloaded installer which on Windows is ~85MB (v6.0) -- this includes the Google Earth client and the Google Earth API/plugin.

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