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Is there a Michael Jackson game demo for the ps3?


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2011-10-17 17:43:23
2011-10-17 17:43:23

Michael Jackson: The Experience

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No a demo is not available There is a game available in a PS3 version released April 24, 2012

All demo's for PS3 come one of two ways. With a game that includes a demo of the new game or from the Playstation Store

You needed to Pre-Order the game and now you can't get the demo anymore. To Get the Demo, You need a friend to have The Demo on the PS3. Then go over, connet The PSP to the PS3. Copy the Demo to the PSP. And ALL-DONE!!

There is a demo and a game of AVP for the pc, ps3 and xbox-360

The Prototype game is not available as a demo at the PlayStation Store. The game itself is available at the PlayStation store see related link

While no one can dance exactly like Michael could, there is a video game called Michael Jackson : The Experience. You can find it on the Wii, PS3 and the XBOX 360.

you download the demo and then you download the full game

I think in November. technically it is out now [improved and spell checked by Michael who has the demo on PS3 YEAH]

The game comes out on September 30 2011 and the Demo of the actual game is available then for 24 hours for PlayStation plus customers

it is normaly 1 month before the game comes out

If you mean a new game demo they will at least one by then. If you mean a new PS3 then there is one coming called the super slim according to online sites that is supposed to available for holiday purchase

The PS3 game was released November 10 2009 and Game stop rates it only fair 6.0 the users rate it 8.3

go to playstation store and you can download the demo for free

It is a downloadable 6 MB file when you purchase the game

There is no PC version of the game you retard. Get a ps3 and download the demo on the console. fkn jew.

There is no open beta for the game this time round. So if there is a demo, I think it will be after realease on November 9th 2010.

I believe that the demo is still on the network.

Nope - not unless you can play the older PS1 / 2 games in which case there That is false. There is a game called "Mayhem", its a arcade style demo and figure 8 style racing game.

It's only available on the Xbox and PS3 version.

the demo comes out on the 13th for ps3 and the 14th for xbox. but the demo doesn't come out for ps3 until 10:00 to 11:00 pm(that Sucks)

I am sorry to say, there is not a demo for Bioshock 2 on the PS3 or XBOX 360. However, there is a demo form the original Bioshock on both consoles. Hope this was somewhat helpful!

It is one game that comes on the demo disk when and if you buy the PS3 move starter pack, The demo disk comes with 9 games. Also to play the bow and arrow game you need 2 PS3 move controllers.Or you could just use one. I've played it with just one. It asks you if you have two controllers or just one

Yes except the full game Playstation Plus demos that have time limits

the game itself comes out 11/9/10 the demo uknown

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