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There is only a Wii Sports and a wii sports resort, but no wii sports 2 thanks

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Q: Is there a Wii sports a Wii sports 2 and a Wii sports resort or just a Wii sports and Wii sports resort?
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How do you cheat in Wii sports resort?

Most of the games you just hit 2 at the screen where you change your Mii

How do you get two player on wii sports resort?

you must have 2 wii remote plus

Is Wii sports resort better then super Mario galaxy 2?


What game do you get when you buy a new Wii?

You get the game Wii Sports with the Wii. It's 2011 so You Also Get Wii Sports Resort. 2 GAMES FOR FREE!

Is Wii Sports the same as Wii Sports Resort?

No, Wii Sports Resort has more games than the Wii Sports. No, but 3 sports on wii sports resort are either the same or somewhat the same. Bowling has not changed. Golf now has 4 more cups (Resort A,B,&C along with Special Cup too!) and Tennis is now Table Tennis. Table Tennis Scoring in Wii Sports Resort is Different than Tennis's in Wii Sports. Table Tennis scoring goes 1-2-3-4-5-6(win) while Tennis goes 15-30-40-win. Unless either game goes into deuce though. Bottom line Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are not the same. Actually The Only Change they made in bowling was they added automatic throwing and manual throwing.

Do you need two Wii Motion Plus for Wii Sports Resort?

You just need one Wii Motion Plus for Wii Sports Resort. If you want to play on a 2 to 4 player mode, you need 2 to 4 motion plus depending on the number of people playing at the same time. Anyways, this game is fun, go buy it! :D

When playing Wii sports resort in addition to using the Wii motion plus remote can you use a regular Wii remote if playing with 2 people or do you have to buy additional Wii motion remotes?

Yes, you have to buy another motion plus thing if you wish to play 2 player on wii sports resort.

What is a good game to play on Wii?

Well it really depends on what sort of stuff you like the games we have are Mario kart Wii resort Boom blox Wii sports Super Mario bros Just dance 2

What is a fun 2 person game to play?

If you have gamecube super smash brothers is fun. If you have wii wii sports resort is really fun.

Looking for a new Wii sports resort game plus 2 Wii motion?

How do you multiplayer on wii sports resort?

chose the game you want to play then chose 1 2 3 4 player

If you buy 2 Wii wheel Mario kart Wii and Wii sports resort in walmart how much is all total?

There are many Wii accessories on this website: You may have a look and decide how much do they worth.

What are the top five Wii games?

my top 5 wii games has to go like this...... 5: new super Mario bros wii 4:wii sports resort 3:Mario kart wii 2:super smash bros brawl 1:super Mario galaxy 2

Where is Sweet Beach on Wii sports resort island flyover?

The sweet beach is down the right hand side of firework launch pad no.2

Do you need a Wii fit for Wii deca sports 2?


Do you need two motion plus's on Wii sports resort for a two player?

You do need 2 Motion Plus' to play 2 player on Wii Sports Resort. One comes with the game. You can now buy a black Wiimote that has a Motion Plus with it for about $10.00 more than the Wiimote alone. You can also buy the Motion Plus by itself for around $25.00.

How much is two Wii remotes 2 Wii wheels 2 nunchucks Mario cart and a Wii?

This depends where you shop. Usually, Wii remotes are about £30 new. Wii wheels are £10, but you can get other brand wheels that are just as good for £5 or less from most gaming shops. Nunchucks are usually £15. Mario Kart is £35, and you get 1 free wheel with it. Wiis are about £155, and come with wii sports and a remote (and, although I'm not sure, I think you get Wii Sports Resort and a Wii Motion+ (Wii Motion+ makes gameplay run smoother when used, but you can use it with a Wii wheel)). You do not need a Nunchuck to play either of these games, except the boxing in Wii sports (and in Wii Sports resort, about a quarter of the games require one). Overall, you are looking at about £255, but you should probably get them from Ebay or amazon second hand and save a load, or if you ask instore there might be an offer on Wiis/ the manager might give you a discount if you look like you don't want to pay quite that much for it.

How do you get the slipper paddle on wii sports resort?

Hold down 2 whilst the start up screens loading also if you hold down 1 to have an 11 point match.

What are cheats for wii sports resort?

On table tennis (match) if you hold down 1 when the game is loading you get an 11 point match then if you hold down 2 when the game is loading you get a shoe.

What do you get when you complete swordplay on Wii sports resort?

If you finish SwordPlay on Wii Sports Resort then you can get the chapions armor. (the champ's armor is the one with a purple sword.) Once you defeat him, go to the menu with all thegames go to sword play then when your picking your mii press a and hold 2. Release 2 when you reach the tip screen. !!! If that dosent work go look it up on youtube. Well, you don't finish swordplay until you get to lvl 2500, and its hold 1, not 2

What are some cool games for the Nintendo Wii?

well my opinion is for cool games for Nintendo wii is 1.wii sports resort because it has lots of fun 2.sing it because you verse people at singing that's all and you could go on wii channel on your wii and you could download any wii game on that i think you have to buy it or not i have a wii and i never used wii channel i just play the games on my wii so if u want more tips for wii and games just go on youtube type in iluvfish111 and go on that channel ask what u want and i will make a video well i have a wii and on wii channel u download or buy games

What is the level you need to play the champion in Wii sports resort?

You need to get to at least 1499 then when you defeat the champion quit and hold 2 until the warning sign comes up then you get the purple sword!

What is armor 2 in Wii Sports Duel swordplay?

samurai armor...?

Does rock band 2 come in a bundle pack for Wii?

Currently there are no packs for the Nintendo Wii other then the usual Wii Sports combo.

Are they making a just dance 2 for wii?

yes they are coming out with a just dance to for the wii