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Is there a big difference in the effectiveness of 12.5 percent vs 10 percent liquid chlorine to make it worth the extra cost?

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Think about it for a moment. Which is better stronger liquid chlorine or weaker chlorine. And most likely the weaker chlor. has been sitting in the sun on a dock for hours and is now at about 8% in strength. Hmmm.


2007-08-09 06:44:27
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What density difference is there with liquid chlorine at different temperatures?

density difference is decreasing when the temperature rises with liquid chlorine.

What is the difference in these elements chlorine bromine iodine?

Chlorine is a gas, bromine is a liquid and iodine is a solid.

What is weight of 25 lts of liquid chlorine?

ermmm 65 percent

How much 6 percent liquid chlorine do you put in a swimming pool?

There is no such thing.

What is the difference between liquid chlorine for pools and for drinking water?

beacause chlorine is a chemical used to clean water

How much chlorine is in bleach?

Liquid household bleach will contain anywhere between 3 and 10 percent chlorine. The powdered form of bleach typically contains 40 percent.

Is there a difference between liquid chlorine for the pool and chlorine tablets?

Liquid chlorine is just that, but it has only 12-15% actual chlorine. Tabs are 1/2 chlorine and 1/2 cyanuric acid. The acid helps stabilize the chlorine. You're better off getting Calcium Hypochloride, which is a granular form of chlorine. It's safer, lighter, and is about 65% chlorine.

How is chlorine gas turned into liquid chlorine?

Chlorine gas is liquefied by cooling and pressurizing it.

Is chlorine a liquid?

No, under normal conditions chlorine is a gas.

Is chlorine an insulator?

Chlorine is an insulator since it is a liquid base.

Can chlorine change from a gas to a liquid or solid?

chlorine can only change from a liquid to a gas-which is by the process of evapouration. it cannot be a soild

You added chlorine stablizer into the pool and now it is showing no chlorine?

Have you actually added liquid chlorine to the pool?

How many grams to one cup of chlorine?

If liquid chlorine -250 grams. -Granular chlorine about 230.

How much chlorine is needed to shock a 30000 gallon pool?

You'll need about 7lbs. of Calcium Hypochloride. Use this, not liquid chlorine becasue liquid is about 12% chlorine while cal. hypo is 65% It doesn't matter if you use cal hypo or 12% liquid chlorine. 7 pounds of 65% cal hypo yields 4.55 pounds of available chlorine. 4-1/2 gallons of 12% liquid chlorine would yield the same result, as a gallon of liquid yields about a pound of available chlorine. Chlorine is chlorine . . . the important aspect is use the proper amount to deal with your particular situation.

What physical state is chlorine in?


Can chlorine be liquified?

Yes, at higher pressure and/or low temperature chlorine is a liquid.

What is the best way to kill weeds along fence line forever?

sodium hypochlorite 21.5 percent usually found in liquid form at your local swimming pool store. aka (liquid chlorine)

What is non electrolytic liquid?

A liquid without electrolytes, such as sodium, chlorine.

Can you add liquid chlorine to a salt water pool?

If by liquid chlorine you mean bleach (sodium hypochlorite aqueous solution), yes you can. Liquid bleach is preferable to powdered chlorine in any situation because it doesn't increase calcium levels. A salt water chlorine generator decomposes the salt into sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid which decomposes into chlorine gas.

Is chlorine a gas solid or liquid at room temp?

Chlorine is a gas at room temperature.

How do you test for chlorine in a liquid?

Chlorine in water is tested using N,N-diethylparaphenylenediamine.

How often should you add liquid chlorine to your pool?

it depends on how much chlorine is already in it .

How many percent of your body is liquid?

70 percent of our body is liquid

What is an example of a liquid element?

Mercury. Chlorine.

What are two properties of chlorine?

Liquid. Or gas.