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Q: Is there a book version of the movie website letmewatchthis-com?
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Is there a movie for Double Identity By Margaret Peterson?

No, there is currently no movie version of this book.

Is The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin a movie?

Yes there is a movie version of this book.

Where can you download twilight new moon?

The website has a legal downloadable version of this book and Netflix has the legal movie. There may be other legal Ebook downloads and Movie sites that also have this title available.

Is there a movie to the book Intrigue The Night Muse Trilogy?

No there is currently not a movie version of the books.

Is there going to be a The Tail of Emily Windsnap Movie?

There are currently no plans for a movie version of this book.

Did they change the movie version of hunger games?

Surprisingly, the movie has barely any differences than the book

What year did the black and white jungle book movie come out?

There is no black and white version.

Was Alice Walker in the movie the color purple?

The author of the book, "The Colour Purple", was Alice Walker, but she was not an actor in the movie version.

Is there actually a New Moon Book Movie Edition?

yes, new moon is now out in the film version of the book. there are two covers for it, the old one and the movie cover.

Is there a top gun book?

There is a novel version of the movie, Top Gun, and there are myriad books about the facility.

What is a website that will allow you to read a book online and the website reads the book out loud?

Harpercollins publishing makes readable copies online and you can download them reading it, but it is only PART of the book, so you would have to buy the book or the audio track that reads the book outloud to get the full version.

What is the difference between twilight new version and old version?

There is no difference between them its just that when the movie came out they made the SAME book with the characters in the cover.