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NO, the problem needs to be properly repaired. its not like an oil or antifreeze leak. the basic principle of a brake system is the free movement of fluid through the brake lines. an additive to this system to "stop" a leak would ruin the whole system and be catastrophic to fix.

brake leaks are generally an affordable fix.

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Q: Is there a brake fluid sealer that works for brake fluid leaks?
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Where is brake fluid sensor on Honda. My brake light comes onoff and fluid is full and emergency brake is not on. What is it?

I have the same problem - I was recommended a brake fluid drain and brake fluid sensor replacement - haven't done it yet, but hopefully it works. Dealer quoted me $190.

What type of fluid is in the clutch hydraulic system of a 2003 Alero?

brake fluid, the clutch works the same way your brakes do.

What kind of brake fluid for a Nissan altima 2008?

Nissan owner's manual recommends dot 3 brake fluid. OEM or any other quality brand works.

Can you use transmission fluid as brake fluid?

This question has appeared here before, and the answer is still no!Transmission fluid and brake fluid are two differentfluids. One of them (tranny fluid) works as a hydraulic agent like brake fluid, but also works as a coolant and lubricant, and it helps your transmission to grip the bands to transfer power. If it is low, the transmission will slip.Brake fluid is basically just a hydraulic fluid (though it does lubricate a bit), and it pushes caliper pistons which move brake pads against the brake rotor or brake bands which move against the inside of the brake drum. Brake fluid eats paint for breakfast, so you don't want that on the finish of your car. Keep reading 'cause there's more.Note: The real issue here is what the fluid does to the seals in the transmission or the brake system. These seals are specially formulated rubber, and the wrong fluid in them will work for a short while, but will permanently damage those seals. At that point, they will leak and all the seals in the system will have to be replaced and the system flushed and filled with the correct fluid. (If it's a transmission, you'll have to replace the bands and a few other parts as well as the seals. The bands are somewhat porous and absorb fluid.) It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the issue here. Be smart. Consult a car expert or even a competent parts supplier for the correct fluid for your brake system or transmission.PS: M-EightTotally true my friend if put brake fluid in tranny simple way to say it is all seals will get eaten up by the toxics in brake fluid and tranny will leak like crazy, but he is asking about tranny fluid in brakes which will cause leaks like mad because of tranny fluid is alot thiner then brake fluid.Dont do it kids ! LOL

What would cause the abs light and brake light to stay on in a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

the ABS light indicates a problem in in Abs system, a brake light indicates a problem with main braking system. such as low fluid level, leaks in system, parking brake on etc. Abs system works in conjunction to brake system. but abs system is not the main or basic braking system.

Type of brake fluid for 1973 super beetle?

DOT 3 heavy duty works the best

Where is the brake light switch 1969 vw?

Located and threaded into the master cylinder, it works off brake fluid pressure. Make sure it has power going into one of the terminals and will have power out with the pedal depressed. Note thatthe brake lights won't work if there is a problem with your brake fluid level beingextremely low, or you can't get the pedal to pump up (works different from most cars).

Can you put water in a hydraulic jack?

you can but you'll be buying a new one very shortly afterwards. Use hydraulic fluid. Brake fluid works well also

What if you put oil in your power Steering fluid?

Then you should put water in your gas tank. Dont! Brake fluid works in place of power steering In a pinch. It's essentially just hydraulic fluid.

How do car pedals work?

Newer cars, the gas pedal is connected to a cable that connects to the throttle control that tells the computer how much gas to put into the engine. Brake pedal pushes a rod into the brake master cylinder that forces hydraulic fluid to each wheel. If it has a clutch, it works the same as the brake, forcing fluid to the clutch.

Does Bissell offer vacuum sealer bags?

I am not sure if the Bissell brand offer vacuum sealer bags, but you are able to buy vacuum sealer bags that works with Bissell brand vacuums. Most bissell bags for their vacuums are the regular vacuum bags.

When should the brake warning light illuminate on a 1982 ford f150?

If the parking brake / emergency brake is on , or if the BRAKE FLUID LEVEL in your brake master cylinder in the engine compartment is LOW , and probably before you start the engine when you turn your ignition key to the RUN position just to make sure the bulb for the warning light works

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