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Is there a cat-back exhaust system for a 93 Geo storm other then pacesetter's and who manufactures it?

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βˆ™ 2009-07-28 04:10:19

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do like i did and buy the muffler you like. Then go to a muffler shop and have them make a cat back exhaust. Its cheaper and you dont have to worry if it will fit right.

2009-07-28 04:10:19
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Q: Is there a cat-back exhaust system for a 93 Geo storm other then pacesetter's and who manufactures it?
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What exactly is a catback?

It is the part of the exhaust system that is AFTER the catalytic converter.

Will the GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System for 06-09 Honda Civic affect my emissions reading?

The GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System will have absolutely no effect on emissions readings because it retains the stock catalytic converter.

Can you put a glass pack and a muffler on the same exhaust?

Yes, you can. But its pointless because a glssspack is a muffler. Just have a glasspack installed. Or a full catback glasspack exhaust system installed

Where can you get the dimensions of a car exhaust system?

Go to the dealers or manufactures website, they usually will have schematics

Does anybody out there have a pimped out Saturn?

Yeah I have a 2002 Saturn sc2 with full body kit, catback exhaust , 17inch rims, custom paint, and currently working on a system, why do you ask?

Does the GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System reduce emissions?

The GReddy Ti-C will help with emissions, but not dramatically so. It will increase performance dramatically, though.

Will the GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System make my honda run quieter?

The GReddy Ti-C will make your Honda run quieter, but only if installed correctly.

How much does it cost to replace an exhaust system on a Honda Civic?

Year, and Model?? R u talkin catback, or Full exhaust, which is, header, catalytic converter, exhaust pipe Muffler, and tip??? u could range from 300 dollars too 600 plus depending on if u keep it stock or aftermarket!!

Can adding a 3 inch catback exhaust system to a stock v6 engine lose horsepower?

Assuming you mean the New Edge Cougar, 1999-2002, then yes. Thorough testing on found that the best choice for exhaust is a 2.5 inch, mandrel bent, stainless system with the pre-cats removed, or replaced by completely new headers, such as those made by msds or weapon r.

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what is bad exhaust system?

What is the purpose of exhaust brackets?

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How much do you charge to put new headers in a 1996 Chevy Camaro?

sawzall and trash entire existing exhaust $50 remove AIR system $50 remove left manifold $50 remove right manifold $100 Install long tubes $100 Install ORY $25 Install CatBack $100 Call it $500 plus 500 for the headers 200 for the ORY 350 for the CatBack Call it $1500

What is the hottest part of the exhaust system?

The exhaust valves are the hottest component of the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine.

What is the name of a car with dual exhaust?

Dual exhaust systems are systems in cars that have two mufflers and two exhaust pipes. This system is called a dual exhaust system, or a twin exhaust system. It can be installed on a vehicle after market.

What is the loudest exhaust system for a raptor 700r?

XX6 Curtis sparks exhaust system

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The term cobalt exhaust is related to the exhaust system in automobiles. It consists of the various parts in the exhaust system such as mufflers. It reduces the noise and pollution.

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There are many places where one can get a performance exhaust system installed. One can get a performance exhaust system installed at places such as Dynomax.

Which system covers the external surface of the body and manufactures vitamin D?

Which system covers the external surface of the body and manufactures vitamin D?

What is the exhaust system?

The exhaust system is what muffles the engine sound keeps the fumes out of vehicle and away from the vehicles occupants and also filters the exhaust fumes out.

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there should not be any fuel in the exhaust system, if there is, you have serious problems

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What is the price range for Corvette exhaust systems?

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