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do like i did and buy the muffler you like. Then go to a muffler shop and have them make a cat back exhaust. Its cheaper and you dont have to worry if it will fit right.

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Q: Is there a cat-back exhaust system for a 93 Geo storm other then pacesetter's and who manufactures it?
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Will the GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System for 06-09 Honda Civic affect my emissions reading?

The GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System will have absolutely no effect on emissions readings because it retains the stock catalytic converter.

Can you put a glass pack and a muffler on the same exhaust?

Yes, you can. But its pointless because a glssspack is a muffler. Just have a glasspack installed. Or a full catback glasspack exhaust system installed

Where can you get the dimensions of a car exhaust system?

Go to the dealers or manufactures website, they usually will have schematics

Does the GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System reduce emissions?

The GReddy Ti-C will help with emissions, but not dramatically so. It will increase performance dramatically, though.

Does anybody out there have a pimped out Saturn?

Yeah I have a 2002 Saturn sc2 with full body kit, catback exhaust , 17inch rims, custom paint, and currently working on a system, why do you ask?

Will the GReddy Ti-C Catback Exhaust System make my honda run quieter?

The GReddy Ti-C will make your Honda run quieter, but only if installed correctly.

How much does it cost to replace an exhaust system on a Honda Civic?

Year, and Model?? R u talkin catback, or Full exhaust, which is, header, catalytic converter, exhaust pipe Muffler, and tip??? u could range from 300 dollars too 600 plus depending on if u keep it stock or aftermarket!!

What are symptoms of a bad exhaust system?

what is bad exhaust system?

What is the purpose of exhaust brackets?

Exhaust system brackets are used to hold the exhaust system in place

Can adding a 3 inch catback exhaust system to a stock v6 engine lose horsepower?

Assuming you mean the New Edge Cougar, 1999-2002, then yes. Thorough testing on found that the best choice for exhaust is a 2.5 inch, mandrel bent, stainless system with the pre-cats removed, or replaced by completely new headers, such as those made by msds or weapon r.

How much do you charge to put new headers in a 1996 Chevy Camaro?

sawzall and trash entire existing exhaust $50 remove AIR system $50 remove left manifold $50 remove right manifold $100 Install long tubes $100 Install ORY $25 Install CatBack $100 Call it $500 plus 500 for the headers 200 for the ORY 350 for the CatBack Call it $1500

What is the hottest part of the exhaust system?

The exhaust valves are the hottest component of the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine.

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