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Yes they are

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Are saiyans real?

No, saiyans are not real. They are only cartoons and were created by Akira Toriyama in DragonBall and DragonBall Z.

Are super saiyans real?


Are neo saiyans real in dragon ball gt?


Why can't we be super saiyans?

God this is the dumbest question i have ever seen or heared

How can saiyans be real?

The Universe is endless with possibilities........ they can be real some where far away who knows they might be real,i think they are.....

Is there a chance Digimon could be real?

Yes if you believe in them

How many saiyans are there?

there are six saiyans in all

Who did real and chance pick on real chance of love 2?

who did real and chance pick on real chance of love 2

Who are some powerful saiyans?

All saiyans are pretty powerful

Where did the saiyans originally come from?

The saiyans came from planet Vegeta.

Can you die in dreams?

It depends, if it is something fake that could never happen in real life but if it is real their is a good chance!

What are saiyans?

Saiyans are the fictional characters in Dragon Ball Z who sell stars.

How old are real and chance of real chance of love?


How tall is real and chance?

Real is 5'9 and Chance is 5'11

Is there proof that super saiyans arnt real?

well, actually no there isn't. but considering that that dragon ball z waz written by a human on earth the conclusion tilts more to saying they arent real. since there probably waznt any planet vegeta to begin with that means there are no saiyans. but it would be sooooo cool if trunks, vegeta, and goku were real wouldn't it?! i love saiyans (especially trunks ^ ~ )!!!!!!!Ok im sorry for popping out of no where but i have an answer.. I can answer any saiyan question because i know of a few(and am one myself) Even though it was written by a human it was a legend before he wrote it there was an old japenese legend of super saiyans so he took that..

What is real and chance real name?

Ahmad Givens (Real) and Kamal Givens (Chance)

How old is real and chance from real chance of love?

there about 25-30

Are super saiyan for real?

No. Super Saiyans are not real, though it would be awesome if they were. They are a fictional type of humans with supernatural powers, first introduced in the popular cartoon DragonBall Z. There have been reports of people throughout the world who have experienced supernatural strength, but they do not possess magical powers like the ones Super Saiyans do.

Who do you think is cuter Real or Chance?

I think that Real is cuter. Chance is cute but Real is cuter.

Does uub become a super sayian?

Only Saiyans can become Super Saiyans. Uub is a human.

Can saiyans become super saiyan by using the dragonballs?

Well... Dragonballs can grant any wish so saiyans can ask the dragon to turn them to super saiyans so it is possible

Who wins real chance at love?

real picks doll and chance chance picks hot wings

How old real and chance?

real is 23 and chance is 23 they are feternal twins

How tall are real and chance?

Real is 5' 4'' and Chance is 5' 9''

What is chance number from real chance of love?

9..not a chance

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