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Wal-Mart has a little box in there automotive department. With the punch of a couple buttons you can get what your looking for.

NEVER guess as filters may APPEAR to be "all pretty close to the same" but you will do permanent damage by using the wrong thread, and even the same thread does not indicate the correct filter requirements.

From by the way has more restriction than most. Rule of thumb that I go by Use motor craft for Ford, Ac delco for Gm, and Mopar for Dodge.

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Q: Is there a chart that will show FRAM oil filter interchangeability as many FRAM filters have the same gasket size and thread size?
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Will a ph3980 filter fit a 91 Chevy 350 motor?

no. gasket and thread are different.

What size is the thread for an oil filter on a 2001 Oldsmobile alero?

Why would you want to know the size of the thread on the oil filter? All spin on filters have rolled threads and as long as you buy a filter that is made for your car it will fit. You don't need a wrench to fit the threads just spin the filter on and off.

How do you change oil filter in VS Holden commodore?

hey dude, the best way to change your oil filter is very easy. first locate the filter and place your drip tray under it. secondly, use a belt type oil filter wrench and slowy notch loose the old filter and screw off, allow to drain, and yes u will get oil on your hands third, apply a small proportion of oil onto the new filters gasket and patiently hand screw your new filter on to its thread, any tightness at the start will be caused from cross threading, back off immediatly and start again. when the gasket is touch the body of your thread ' hand tight", use your wrench and tighten 1/8th to 1/4 of a turn till its seals. caution: dont overtighten as u may round off the thread, also you will find difficulties removing the filter in the future

Does the Fujifilm S2000HD digital camera accept filters If so what size?

No. There is no thread on the lens for filters.

Is there a gasket that goes on the thing that the oil pressure gauge connects to and the oil filter screws into on your 1987 Chevy Celebrity?

Assuming you mean the pressure sender it is a pipe thread into the block, some teflon tape will help it seal. There is no gasket. The oil filter has an "O" ring on it that seals it to the block.

What size oil filter do you use on your 2001 impala?

The Thread size is 18X1.5 MM Recommended filter is Wix Filter # 51040

Why does your 99 Tahoe blow the oil filter right off the engine?

wrong filter with wrong thread pattern.

How do you re thread an oil filter on a 1998 Mitsubishi mirage?

You don't. Just buy a new filter that will have good threads.

What is filtered cigarette?

Filters:Cigarette filters are specifically designed to absorb vapors and to accumulate particulate smoke components. Filters also prevent tobacco from entering a smoker's mouth and provide a mouthpiece that will not collapse as the cigarette is smoked. Filters generally have the following components:A "plug" of acetate cellulose filter tow95% of cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate (a plastic), and the balance are made from papers and rayon. The cellulose acetate tow fibers are thinner than sewing thread, white, and packed tightly together to create a filter; they can look like cotton. Other materials have been tried and rejected in favor of the taste that acetate produces. Filters vary in filtration efficiency, depending on whether the cigarette is to be "light" or regular.Source:

Is there a fram oil filter cross reference for the Mopar 04884899AB oil filter?

The PH2 is the new 22mmx1.5 thread that is used on the 2008+ cars with metric filter threads.

What is the cross reference for a napa 1551 oil filter?

Fram P1653A Wix 51259, 51551, 51551MP Purolator H32010 AC Delco PF16 Donaldson P551551 1-12 inch thread gasket O.D. 2.81" X I.D. 2.42" Good Luck

What is the fram oil filter cross reference for Mopar 04884899AB?

The PH2 is the new 22mmx1.5 thread that is used on the 2008+ cars with metric filter threads.

How do you fix the thread on engine block where oil filter goes on?

That threaded nipple is removable, replace it.

How do you release the pressure on the fuel filter of your 87 Caprice Classic?

the 87 caprice should have a carb. which does not have a electric fuel pump there will be no pressure when you remove the line. you will need aq 5/8 line wrench and a 1 inch wrench. when you remove the fitting from the carb make sure you reinstall the plastic "o"ring gasket it will leak with out it. if the gasket is not on the fitting stick your finger in the hole and remove it .the gasket fits into a grove on the thread end of the fitting.remove the line from the fitting first the 1 inch wrench is for the carb fitting. put the new filter in with the rubber valve fecing you. good luck its not a hard job at all.

What is the difference between Fram oil filters PH2 and PH16 besides the PH16 being a bit shorter?

The Ph2 is a metric thread, PH16 is imperial.

What size thread for oil sender above oil filter on small block Chevy?

1/4" NPT

What is the difference between Kohler oil filter 52-050-02-s1 and 52-050-02?

It could be a difference in thread patterns. If the oil filter has the wrong thread pattern for your vehicle, it could come loose and and you could lose your oil.

Vz commodore top loading cartridge oil filter does it unscrew left or right hand thread?


What is the oil capacity of Suzuki Intruder 700?

I have a 1986 Suzuki 700 Intruder and a Fram PH6018 oil fliter does not fit it ... This filter has a 24mm fine thread mount and mine is closer to 18mm fine thread

Does the oil filter have a backwards thread?

I have never seen one with left handed threads. Counterclockwise to remove clockwise to install.

How do you change oil filter for a 1997 Honda accord?

twist the old one off, make sure the rubber seal came off with the old filter. Then rub some oil on the new filter, and thread the new one on the motor.

Does an oil filter need to be made to fit your car?

I don't know much about cars but I used to work as a cashier in an oil change shop. If we were out of a certain oil filter, we ran to another location to get one. I don't remember anyone ever using a different one than recommended. It would be much safer to go to a store and get the right one for your vehicle. They usually have a book that tells you which one to get and the filter is a lot cheaper than a new car. Like I said, I'm no expert, I just think it would be better to be safe than sorry. I'm not a mechanic, nor do I play one on TV, but common sense says "Is it worth saving $4.00 to risk your engine? Do manufacturers make 60 zillion oil filters because it doesn't matter? The only exception I make to using an oil filter that isn't listed for it is a 3100 GM motor that calls for a FRAM ph3387a. If room is available, I use a PH3980 (if I remember correctly, I need to be in front of the shelf!) Anyways, it is the same except it holds more oil. There are different specs on pressure, filtration, blah, blah, blah. The point is : YES It Matters! And don't buy a cheap cheeseball one! I use FRAM, it isn't the supreme oil filter, but it handles 3,000-mile oil changes very well. I have a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse I bought used, and when I serviced it for an oil change, I discovered that the recommended oil filter would not fit because of frame-engine clearance problems. After calling many service reps and parts stores, I ended up going to Wal-Mart and COMPARING filters by matching identical gasket sizes and choosing the filter size I knew would fit in the space available. It works well for me, but do whatever you can to use the original or recommended parts. This was a problem I could solve no other way. -Ted YES! 3 quick things on an oil filter and engines oil pressure. Vehicles have different oil pressures, which will require different oil filters that hold certain pressures. Secondly the thread on the filter and your vehicle's filter spindel need to be a perfect match. And finally the gasket on the oil filter need to be the size your vehicle requires to secure filter on spindel without any leaks. IMPORTANT: be sure to remove the oil gasket from the old filter because when you install the filter you wanna oil the gasket to prevent it from sticking and melting a little onto the mounting plate. 2 gaskets is not a pretty picture once you start your vehicle. The oil will gush out like there is no tomorrow.

Where is the oil filter on a 2005 Kia Sedona?

The oil filter is above the frame "behind" the right front tire. It is a bit of chore to get at and especially one has to be careful putting on the new on - even my dealer when I switched to Synthetic Oil and same brand long life filter, managed to cross thread the new filter which resulted in a oil blow out past the gasket! Fortunately due to the synthetics which I have been using since 1981, no damage and oil changes are literally a once a year item (no, they CAN'T void the warranty - they have to prove that one's "habits" are a direct cause of the problem).

Can a super tech st16 oil filter fit your ford explorer?

If the truck normally takes an ST8A then yes an ST16 should work just fine. The ST8A and ST16 have the same thread size and gasket size. The only real difference would be a little lower oil capacity. If the truck normall takes an ST2, then no it will not work.

How do you change oil filter on Toyota Sienna 2002?

Purchase 5 qt.s of oil,a good filter,preferably a Toyota,Wix, or Purolator brand.NO Fram please.First run the engine about 10 get the oil warm.You will need a drain pan,some clean rags or shop towels,and some ramps to drive the front wheels upon on.After pulling the van upon the ramps,set the parking brake and "chock"the rear wheels.From under the van the drain plug will be on the R/S(pass.).I believe the wrench size is 14mm.Remove the plug and allow about 5 min. for the dirty oil to drain in the pan.Next replace the gasket on the drain plug with a new gasket and thread it back into the engine oil pan.The filter is located about middle ways of the engine,right under the exhaust manifold.CAUTION! It's still HOT!After the engine has cooled sufficiently,pack a few rags beneath the filter to catch the old oil that will spill out from the filter.I don't know of a cup wrench that fits the Toyota filter,but you can use a strap wrench to remove it.After removing,wipe a couple of drops of clean oil on the gasket of the new filter,slowly fill the new filter about 2/3 full with clean oil and allow it to soak into the filter media.Screw on the new filter till you fill the gasket make contact and tighten about 3/4 additional turn.Fill crankcasewith oil- total capacityw/filter 5 quarts. Start engine, check for leaks.This model year of Sienna was notorious for problems with engine sludge .Change oil and filter EVERY 4000 miles.