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Is there a chart that will show FRAM oil filter interchangeability as many FRAM filters have the same gasket size and thread size?


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2010-08-18 02:25:35
2010-08-18 02:25:35

Wal-Mart has a little box in there automotive department. With the punch of a couple buttons you can get what your looking for.

NEVER guess as filters may APPEAR to be "all pretty close to the same" but you will do permanent damage by using the wrong thread, and even the same thread does not indicate the correct filter requirements.

From by the way has more restriction than most. Rule of thumb that I go by Use motor craft for ford, Ac delco for Gm, and Mopar for Dodge.


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no. gasket and thread are different.

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Why would you want to know the size of the thread on the oil filter? All spin on filters have rolled threads and as long as you buy a filter that is made for your car it will fit. You don't need a wrench to fit the threads just spin the filter on and off.

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hey dude, the best way to change your oil filter is very easy. first locate the filter and place your drip tray under it. secondly, use a belt type oil filter wrench and slowy notch loose the old filter and screw off, allow to drain, and yes u will get oil on your hands third, apply a small proportion of oil onto the new filters gasket and patiently hand screw your new filter on to its thread, any tightness at the start will be caused from cross threading, back off immediatly and start again. when the gasket is touch the body of your thread ' hand tight", use your wrench and tighten 1/8th to 1/4 of a turn till its seals. caution: dont overtighten as u may round off the thread, also you will find difficulties removing the filter in the future

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No. There is no thread on the lens for filters.

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Assuming you mean the pressure sender it is a pipe thread into the block, some teflon tape will help it seal. There is no gasket. The oil filter has an "O" ring on it that seals it to the block.

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