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you need the modidfier cheat code for it.

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What is the Pokemon Platinum cheat code?

Which code; there are numerous codes

How do you put the cheat code in Pokemon Platinum?

if its on action replay, click POKEMON PLATINUM go to very bottom and type new code

What is the r4Ds code for catching shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum also my friend code is 4769 5306 1785?

If I have your name I could register you on Pokemon platinum. Message me.For information go to Pokemon.com or type in r4 code shiny Pokemon platinum.

Code for light Pokemon for platinum?

light Pokemon- none. Shiny Pokemon there's a cheat...

Cheat for 1 hit KO in Pokemon Platinum?

if you have an ar go to code junkies and search Pokemon platinum its there somewhere

Can you catch ho oh in Pokemon platinum?

Not unless you have a cheat code.

Can you give me a cheat code to win Pokemon platinum?

There is no cheat code to automatically make you win. On another note: It's Pokemon it's not that hard :L

How do you get a shaymin sky form on Pokemon Platinum?

YesYou Can Get Shaymin Sky Form In Pokemon Platinum With A Cheat Code That Is A Special Flower.

Pokemon platinum action replay code for x999 masterballs?

you gotta cheat with cheat code kay? happy now good!

How do you get requeza Pokemon platinum?

you have to get an action repay and find a specific code (or cheat)

Cheat code to beat the elite four in Pokemon platinum?

Answer this question to do it!When_the_moon_flashes_red_in_the_slots_game_should_you_stop_lining_up_replays_for_the_rest_of_the_round_or_just_that_spin

How do you undo a cheat code on Pokemon platinum when it is saved?

Depends on which cheat code you entered, you can probably delete off your Action Replay and save it.

How do you enter cheat codes for Pokemon platinum in nds?

you get the action replay cartridge and enter the code into the cheat place

Is there a cheat for all lengendery in Pokemon platinum?

If by cheat, you mean an Action Replay code, then yes. But if you mean in game, then no.

What Is the AR cheat code for catching any Pokemon In Pokemon Pearl?

0000000 0000000 0000000 0000000 1873248 333000

Action replay cheat codes for Pokemon platinum any Pokemon?

there is not a code unless you use the wild Pokemon modifier.

What is the ar cheat code to walk through anything?

if you mean on Pokemon, they only have it for diamond and pearl, not platinum. but you can find alternate ARDS cheat codes for Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum at elitepokemontrainers.webs.com

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