Is there a cheat to get 100 percent on sly 2?

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yea if you go down no street and find the house number 1, then maybe find someone who cares. add all the clues up and you'll get no1cares.
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Does Sly 2 have any glitches?

Yes. In the first mission where you take the recon photos the window disapear when you bring up your binoculars and reappear when you take them off. To make the window invisible while moving without your binoculars eqquiped, just go to the last window and run on the side of the window diagon ( Full Answer )

Are there any cheats for sly 3?

Answer . Yes if you go to the start menu and type in various arrrows then you get somethin' i just found it on or go to

Is sly 4 for PlayStation 2?

I'm not sure, but I guess Sly 4 will have a playstation 2 version as well as a ps3 version, because all the previous Sly games were on ps2, and not all Sly cooper games' fans do want to buy a ps3 for just one game... I guess that Sucker Punch will continue the Sly series, because it has so many f ( Full Answer )

What is the cheat code for Pokemon Diamond 100 percent catch rate?

you have to go on codejunkies, type in Pokemon diamond(or pearl, whatever you have)and look through it. it is the 999 masterball cheat. or you find the 493 masterball cheat. the 493 one is better, because you can automatically get a Pokemon.there are many other cheats on, cheats that ( Full Answer )

Sly 2 is neyla dead?

Yes. she was part of Clockwerk and so when the Hate Chip was destroyed she was too. and i liked her :( until she betrayed sly that is XD

How do you get 100 in sly 2?

beat all the missions and levels, collect all the 30 clue bottles on every map, and open all 8 vaults on all missions.

Does neyla from sly 2 survive?

No shes dead bentley breaks his legs killing her Bently actually breaks his back, paralizing himself. and it was Carmalita who killed her by destroying the Hate Chip. check out the REAL wikipedia on sly cooper!

How do you beat Clockla in sly 2?

First Murry has to pry open Her beak. Then Bently has to bomb her and get the hate chip. And fiannaly Murry has to savye Bently from being killed by Clockla

What are cheat codes for sly 3?

Some of Sly 3 cheats: Faster Game play: Right, Up, R1, Right, Up, Down (i dont know what this cheat does because it does not work for me)

In sly 2 how do you get all the power ups for sly?

YOU HAVE TO KEEP ON GETTING COINS AND BUYING THEM AT THE SAFE HOUSE. . for a secret move try this cheat code:. pause, press left, left, down, right, left, right.. hope you like it! :D

Where are the vaults in sly 2?

Here is a list of vaults that I have made for Sly 2:. Level 1-Dimitri- In Dimitri's office where you stole the golden picture and replaced it with a bugged picture.. Level 2-Rajan- Remember when you stole the code from under that table to open up the door to shut off power, you also had to jump re ( Full Answer )

How do you get 100 in sly 3?

You have to do all of the challenges and missions that come with each level as well as the game and the missions in the training room.

What is in the vaults in Sly 2?

In Sly 2, gadgets are in the vaults. (you open the vaults and get the gadgets by getting all of the clue bottles in that level)

Where can you buy sly 2?

gamestop would be the first place I looked, but eBay would work and maybe even retailers.

What is the Action Replay cheat code for 100 percent complete Pokedex on Pokemon pearl?


Is there a cheat for sims 2 that enable you to fulfill all your sims needs to 100 percent if so can you please tell me it?

Yes, there is. This cheat is for the PC version of sims two. You have to press ctrl, shift and c at the same time, wicj brings up a small box at the top of the screenn from there, to get the filled motives cheat, you type in maxMotives. I think that you have to have it capitalized, but I'm no ( Full Answer )

What happens at the end of sly 2?

Neila becomes clockwerk, destroys the huge blimp base that you play on. sly takes her out. they fall down to Paris. sly, bentley, and Murray, try to get the hate chip which is the only thing powering neila. Murray accidentally drops clockwerk's mouth on bentley and breaks his legs. Murray then gets ( Full Answer )

What are the cheats for sly cooper 1?

Access "The Tokyo Police File" Movie Finish the game and return to the hideout. Bentley will tell Sly that one of his buddies from Japan has sent over a video. This movie is the Japanese version of the intro movie, and it comes with extra animations. Conserve Lives To conserve lives, simply acces ( Full Answer )

Is there any cheat codes for sly 3?

Yes, Fly the Toonami Plane. WHILE FLYING THE ORIGINAL PLANE, pause the game and enter the following code. AFTER YOU ENTER THE CODE, unpause the game and you'll be flying it. Cheat Effect R1, R1, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHTFLY THE TOONAMI PLANE ( Full Answer )

How do you get 100 percent on saints row 2?

really i would say do the hidden missions even still it wouldn't be enough maybe you van see if there are any missions on the hidden islands.

What are the cheats for sly 2?

Sly 2 Cheats: -Skip to last level - Down, Up Left, Left, R1, Right -Mega jump - Right, Left, Right, Left, R1, Left -Tom gadget - Left, Left, Down, Right, Left, Right -Restart current episode -Left, R1, Up, Down, Up, Left -Go to tutorial - Right, Left, Up, Up,Up,R1 - ( Full Answer )

What happened to sly in sly 2?

in sly 2 the clock work pieces were stolen by the claw gang and sly has to stop them and get all of clockwork

How do you redo jobs in sly 2?

all you have to do is fail the job by doing the opposite of what your supposed to do if my answer doesent work u can go on the menu and click abandon job and then u can go back on the head shaped thing

What are the episodes in sly 2?

the first one is in Paris when u beat dimitri the second one is rajans place the 3rd one is rajan again and neyla betrays u... the 4th one is the contessa's place and the 5th one is the contessa again the 6th one is this giant bulls place(srry i forgot his name!!) then the 7th one is the same guy ( Full Answer )

How do you play sly cooper 2?

You play SlyCooper2 in basicly the same way you play Part 1. You want to collect all the coins on each level and also find all of the bottles that are hidden through out the levels. When you do this you will learn new skills to help you beat the levels.

How do you cheat on 'Mathletics activities' that you get 100 percent on?

Well what you do is answer the first question than the second question then the third question etc and then try making sure you get them all right or ask for help if you are stuck. if you get them all right you will get 100% instead of cheating actually try your best to get 100% otherwise whats the ( Full Answer )

What is 2 out of 8 of 100 percents?

(Someone having trouble with their math homework :) You divide the top by the bottom to find your percentage. It will most likely be a decimal.

Will there be a sly 4 for PlayStation 2?

No if a Sly 4 is released it will be for the PS3. While over 150 PS2 models have been sold sites like Gamespot no longer even carry a link to the new PS2 games and Gamestop links as more with the outdated Xbox and GameCube

How do you get 100 percent in sly cooper 3?

Complete all the challenges. You should probably start after beating the game. You can choose an episode, go to jobs & challenges and pick something marked not complete. There are some challenges in every numbered episode, prelude does not count

Can you trust your spouse a 100 percent again after he cheated?

No, once a spouse has cheated they have broken that bond of trust even though humans are not perfect and can make one mistake by cheating on their spouse. The spouse that was cheated on will always have that hurt tucked away in the back of their minds and be very wary of their spouse cheating again. ( Full Answer )

How can you cheat and get 100 percent on my maths homework?

-- Go to all the classes. -- Turn off the cellphone when you get there. -- Stay awake through the whole class. -- Listen to what's going on. -- Do every homework assignment on the day it's assigned. If there's anything in it that you can't do, immediately make a date to get together wi ( Full Answer )

What percent of 100 is 2 thirds?

0.6667% Let x = % base = 100 percentage = 2 /3 = 0.6667 rate: = perce ntage /base * 100% = 0.6667 /100 * 100% = 0.6667%

How do you beat Dimitri sly 2?

first you hid behind the glass jars then you hit him go back when he is about to upper cut you and jump when he spins with his tale. Keep repeating until his life is gone.

Turn 2 100 into percent?

2 over 100 is a fraction. If you turn 2 over 100 into a percent theanswer is 2%.