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yes,by the 1 hit kill cheat for AR

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Is there a a cheat to help you beat the Elite Four on Pokemon Diamond Please tell me?

not one that I no of, but if you have an AR than it comes with a cheat to instantly knockout a pokemon. That is useful.

In Pokemon leaf green I went to celio but he wasnt asking you to help him find the rubys I want to get into cerulean cave what do I do?

Beat the elite Four Beat the elite Four Beat the elite Four

How do you get in the elite four in firered?

Beat Giovanni And Go through Victory Road. Hope I help!

Go in cerulean cave at Pokemon firered?

Beat the elite four and help celio fix the machine

Help beating the Elite 4 in Pokemon and tell you a good type of team?

well i beat the elite four with one Pokemon that was at level 60.

Cheat to beat GTA San Andreas?

THere is no cheat to beat San Andreas but there are cheats to help you beat San Andreas.

How do you get more money in Pokemon HG?

you get more money by selling items and beating pokemon trainers and the elite four and champion if you beat the elite four and champion or you don't have strong pokemon and you have rares i cant help you with that (I'm like that)

I can't battle elite four after getting all badges in Pokemon fire red... there in one girl blocking the door and saying the elite 4 is closed...?

Lorelei of the Elite Four is in 4 island of the rainbow islands. You need to go there to IceFall cave and help Lorelei beat Team Rocket. Then you need to get 2 passwords for the Rocket Warehouse on 5 island. After you beat Team Rocket in the Warehouse, Lorelei will come back to the Elite Four and you can fight them.

What do you do you have defeated the legendary birds on platinum now you have no idea what to do can someone help you?

You have to beat the elite four again, I think. Then you have to talk to Professor Oak again.

Can someone help me i beat the elite four but not steven when got to him i only had one Pokemon left and it was Groudon and his lv56 and i lost to him what Pokemon is good for elite four what good mov?

you shood stock up on potions and revives and also keep training your Pokemon

You beat the elite four but you cant get the two grunts at mount ember can someone please help you and tell you why you cant get the password?

you need to get the national dex first

Cheat codes for Star Wars battlefront elite squadron?

try going to, its a video game help/cheat website.

What is Cheat to beat the game GTA San Andreas for PS2?

There are only cheats to help you beat the game

Tertwig level 71 a dialga level 53 an ambosnow level 40 and a buneary level 39 but you still cant beat the elite four help?

you need 6 Pokemon 2 for extra help

How do you beat the Elite Four in Pokemon FireRed2 time?

Get the ruby for Celio on island 1. Then you have to help Lorelei in the ice cave on island 4, after that clear team rocket off the islands.

How do you beat the elite four Diamond?

Water, fire, flying, psychc, grass, and ground really help so pokemon with these types lvl67+ and lots of healing items Hope this helped

How do you defet the elite four?

You have to use your best Pokemon and you have to buy lots of revives and hyper potions to help you when your pokemons hp. The elite four is strong but try your best.

What cheat do you get if you beat peties challenge?

you'll get "the always white ball cheat" for petie's use ONLY this will help for scoring.

Where can you find mew on Pokemon LeafGreen?

First:You need to beat the elite four 12 times then go to the cerulean cave and walk till you find a mew..... Second:Use a cheat device! I hope this can help. PS:to get inside cerulean cave you got to help first celio with his problem and in cerulean cave you can find there mewtwo and other strong pokemonsin the same cave where do you catch mewtwoyou have 2 beat the elite 4 12 times then u go where you caught mewtwoMew is not on fire red/leaf green. It is on Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald tho

Pokemon elite four heartgold help please?

just do your best to win!

Is this a good team to beat the elite four in Pokemon platinum Garchomp Giratina Empoleon staraptor Lucario and ryhdon which I'm trying to evolve so if you what level that would help?

it depends on levels

How do you get into the cave in fire red to catch mew two?

you have beat the elite four oak will give a different pokèdex and have to help bill's firend get a sappire.go to cerulean city and you can go to the cave

How do you find mew2 in Pokemon FireRed?

go to cerulean cave after you beat the elite four and help celio fix his machine on those islands. you go into cerulean cave work your way through that and mewtwo is in there

Is there a way to see a Spiritomb on Pokemon diamond without a friends help?

You can SEE one but its a traner battle And that battle is when you battle the CHAMPION CYNTHIA IN THE ELITE FOUR well when you pass the elite four...

Is it possible to get Giratina before completing the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon diamond please help don't wana wait till Friday.?

i think it is but you have to at least beat the elite four first then the path opens up

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