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Is there a cheat to unlock everything in Guitar Hero 3 for PS2?

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Does unlock everything exist on guitar hero aerosmith?

No. Only a Unlock All Songs cheat exists.

How do you unlock everything in Guitar Hero 3?

Beat the game. Or enter the Unlock Everything cheat code which can be found through the Related Links below.

Can you unlock all songs on guitar hero metallica with a cheat?

No, you cannot unlock the songs with a cheat.

Is there a unlock everything cheat code for guitar hero areosmith?

hit ooo bbb (rby) it will work trusy me hahhahhhahahhahah

Can you unlock Bret Michaels in the Wii Guitar Hero 3 game?

Nope, the cheat to unlock Bret Michaels as a vocalist is not included in the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3. Nope, the cheat to unlock Bret Michaels as a vocalist is not included in the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3.

What is the cheat to unlock all the songs for guitar hero 3 for playstation 2?

As far as I know, the only way is to use the Unlock Everything cheat, which is I must note UNREVERSEABLE, is Green, Green.

What is the cheat to unlock freebird in guitar hero 2?

There is no cheat. You just have to beat all of the songs.

How do you unlock free bird in Guitar Hero?

Use the cheat that doesn't work.

What are cheats for Guitar Hero?

Search the net forCheats for Guitar Hero press search then click the guitar hero you have and you can get cheats to unlock all the songs and things like that.I have a cheat book here at home here are SOME cheats for guitar hero 1. unlock all cheat is: At the main menu, press yellow,orange,blue,blue,orange,yellow,yellow.Guitar hero guitar cheat: At the main menu, press blue,orange,yellow,blue,blue.skull head crowd cheat: At main menu, press orange,yellow,blue,blue,orange, yellow ,blue , blue.THERE ARE MORE GUITAR HERO CHEATS THESE ARE JUST SOME FOR GUITAR HERO 1. :)

Cheat codes for Guitar Hero 3?

go to www.cheatcc.com and they have tons and tons of cheat codes for just about everything

Is there a cheat to unlock slither on Guitar Hero 3?

You don't need a cheat, it's downloadable for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

How do you unlock the minotaur on guitar hero warriors of rock?

Get to rank 58 or use All Characters cheat.

How do you get sweet child of mine on guitar hero 2?

You have to unlock it by playing other songs first or get the cheat code to unlock all the songs.

Is there a cheat code that unlocks everything on guitar hero 2?

no there is not i have a friend that searched the whole enternet for it.

Is through the fire and flames on guitar hero world tour?

No, I have used the cheat to unlock all quickplay songs and it is not there.

Can you get the cheats for Guitar Hero 3 please?

You can find all the Guitar Hero 3 Cheats Codes, like Air Guitar, Unlock Everything and Hyperspeed by using one of the Related Links below.

How do you enter the unlock everything cheat in guitar hero 3 I do not understand how to put it in when i read the cheat?

To enter cheats in guitar hero 3, go to the options menu, cheats, enter cheat. It will bring you to a menu where you have to hold down the relevant notes as to frets on the guitar neck and strum them. example. GR - Hold down the green and red fret, and strum. Release and hold down the next note, strum. release. etc.

What does the air guitar cheat do on Guitar Hero aerosmith?

Air Guitar mode within Guitar Hero Aerosmith is rumored to be a specific cheat code that renders your character's guitar invisible.

How do you unlock the zombie intro in Guitar Hero Metallica?

First You enter in the zombie cheat then activate it then select new career

How do you unlock everything for Guitar hero World tour?

Unlock Quickplay Press Blue, Blue, Red, Green(2), Blue(2), Yellow.

Guitar hero 2 pasaway cheats ps2?

guitar hero pasaway cheat ps2

Are there any cheat codes for Guitar Hero 2?

cheat codes for guitar hero 3 legends of rock for play station 2

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