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It would be possible to write an insurance policy that way if you wanted to, however, normally a life insurance policy pays a fixed amount of money (known as the death benefit) to a chosen beneficiary. If the beneficiary then wished to use that money to pay for a home, that could be done.

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Q: Is there a clause in a life insurance policy that pays for a home if the owner dies?
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If a life insurance policy owner dies what happens to the policy?

if the owner of a life insurance policy dies and the policy is on her son. What happens to the ppolicy and is it part of the estate.

What is contingent owner on life insurance policy?

The new owner of a life insurance policy if the original owner dies before the insured.

Does a currently in force life insurance policy become void if the owner of the life insurance policy dies?


Is the loan for a vehicle paid off when the owner dies?

Not under the standard auto insurance policy.

Does home insurance continue to the executor after a person dies?

The executor should contact the insurance company and notify it of the death of the owner of the policy.

What happens if the policy holder dies?

If the owner of an insurance policy is deceased then is should be listed as an asset when it comes to distribution. If the insured dies, then any value would be passed on to any listed beneficiaries.

When a homeowner dies is the house still covered or do you have to get new coverage?

Any time the owner of an insurance policy dies, a new policy must be issued. The owner/beneficiary must have a vested financial interest in the potential loss. Otherwise you could take out a policy on your neighbor's life or home. In the case of marital property, the surviving spouse usually only needs to have the title of the policy changed if her or she was a co-owner of both the insured property and the insurance policy.

If the owner of a car dies is their insurance still valid no matter who drives it?

Maybe if the person driving is a named driver on the policy but you would have to check with the insurance company.

How do you change ownership of a life insurance policy if the old owner died?

Change of ownership is not allowed in life insurance policy. Once the policy holder dies, accrued sum is payable to the nominee and the matter ends there. In that case, you are to take policy afresh.

Does only the beneficiary have access to ones death life insurance policy?

NO. The beneficiary is only entitled to the death benefit proceeds when the insured dies. The owner of the life insurance policy controls the policy, the beneficiaries, any cash values, and is responsible for premium payments. The owner has the ultimate control of the life insurance policy and can change the beneficiary of the policy at any time...and does not need the beneficiary's permission to do this.

Who takes over a life insurance policy when the policy holder dies?

If the policyholder (policy owner) is also the insured, then no one does. The policy proceeds (assuming the policy is in force at the time of death) are paid according to the designated beneficiary(ies), and the contract ceases to exist. If the policyholder (owner) is not the insured, then the policy ownership would flow according to the owner's will.

What kind of health examination do you have to undergo before you can qualify for homeowner insurance?

You do not need a health examination to obtain home owner insurance. Your health is not an issue. If you were to suddenly die, after buying home owner insurance, the insurance company doesn't have to pay a death benefit, since home owner insurance isn't life insurance. What happens when a home owner dies is that someone else inherits the house. The new owner will have the option of continuing the existing home owner insurance policy.

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