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Is there a code you can enter on your joystick for hot coffee?


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2008-09-04 15:16:24
2008-09-04 15:16:24

Yes, hit LRRLXXL then square. HOT COFFEE! :D


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There is a spot in one of the pause menus that says "enter sponsor code." You enter the code and you get the car that the code matches up with. For the WALL MART wtr racer enter wallmart, for circutcity hot rod enter circuitcity, and for the gamestop touge sport enter gamestop. I am not sure what the code is for the steel wheels gt it is a bunch of letters and numbers.

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These are: temperature, coffee granulation, type of coffee.

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The situation was not that the coffee was too hot. What happened was that a woman had purchased a cup of hot coffee from a McDonald's. While she was driving, the coffee spilled into her lap and burned her. She sued McDonald's on the basis that the cup did not have a printed warning about the coffee being hot (such as CAUTION: CONTENTS HOT), and because it was true that the cup did not indeed have such a warning, she won the case.

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