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The wire goes to the coil, which is bolted to the drivers side head in the front of the motor.

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What is the correct placment of distributor wires from the spark plugs to the distributor cap on a 1994 Pontiac firebird 3.4?

there is no distributor on a 1994 firebird v6. It is a DIS and uses coil packs. there will be 3 coil packs and it should be listed on them which cylinder iteach coil goes to.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2000 Pontiac Firebird?

on the main gas line that goes to the injectors.

How many ignition coils on a 94' Firebird Formula?

It has one, It's toward the driver's side under the mass air flow sensor. It's on a mounting bracket along with the ignition module. It has one wiring harness and a coil wire that goes to the optispark distributor underneath the water pump. I know because I own a 1994 Firebird Formula that I'm trying to repair.

What is Pontiac part number 5579457?

for my 1974 firebird 5.7L 350, it is the oil filter mounting bracket (aka the housing the oil filter goes into)

What kind of freon goes in a 1994 Pontiac Firebird V6?

All cars & trucks made in 1994 and after have to use R134 (federal regulations). 1993 & earlier use R12.

'what are the things call that goes on spark plugs on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am Se 2.4L twin cam'?

Spark plug wires, spark plug boot, or coil on plug.

WHAT coil goes to intake and exhaust on Nissan 720 pu?

i have to coils which coil is the intake coil

What coil wire goes to distributor?

assuming it is a older car with points the distributor goes to the negative side of the coil

Which wire goes to the coil on a Honda nsr125 1998?

The coil wire.

What plug - cylinder number goes with what Coil number - 1996 Ford Escort?

What coil goes to what cylinder

Where do the spark plug wires connect to the engine block on a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 Liter?

At the spark plugs. the long part of the wire goes on the plug and the L shaped end goes on the coil pack under the intake manifold which is between the engine and the firewall,but you also have to know the firing order at the plugs and at the coil pack.

2003 Pontiac grand prix no spark on 6 at coil replaced coil any ideas?

module is next on the line up. If it is just number six and you replaced the coil ( I assume with a new one) then that is almost what it has to be, if it was used, then try a different one. Move them around and see if the miss goes with it or stays at the number 6

What size speakers go in a 1998 Pontiac firebird I have a monsoon so there are 10 what goes in the rear seat sides?

6.5. But there is a catch. They are subs. If you try to hook up a standard 2-way or 3-way they will sound like crap and have no highs. There is also 4 wires to each speaker because the monsoon 6.5 was a dual voice coil. There are only a few option, one is made by bazooka.

How do you hook up the ignition coil on a chev big block?

Bolt The Coil Bracket And Coil To The Block, The - Goes To The Distributor The + Hooks To The Ignition.

You want to go back to a points dist and standard coil from a mallory how do you do it as to the wiring?

There shouldn't be any difference in the wiring. The hot wire from the switch goes to the + side of the coil, and the pigtail wire from the points goes to the - side of the coil.

Where does the pcv hook up on an 1968 Pontiac firebird?

There will be a hole in the valley pan under the intake manifold. This takes a rubber grommet that the PCV goes into. Then the hose runs to either the large port on the carb, or there should also be a port in the intake runner that it can hook to.

Where is the coil on a 1993 Ford Probe gt?

On the '93-'97 GT's the ignition coil is part of the distributor. If your coil goes bad you need to change the distributor.

How much oil goes in a 2005 Pontiac pursuit?

how much oil does it take to fill a "2005 pontiac pursuit??"

Where is the engine control unit located on a 1999 Pontiac grand am 4 cylinder engine?

It is on the right side of the engine cover where your spark plug boots attach to the coil packs. It's that little metal box the connector goes into.

How does a power mat for an Android device work?

The primary coil is in the power mat while the secondary coil is in the Android device. Power goes from the primary coil to the secondary coil, which allows the phone to charge.

Do you have periods when you get the Mirena coil?

Yes, it comes and goes occassionally.

Which Coil goes to the?

#3 Cylinder on a 1998 Olds 88

Vw jetta 98 has a wire from battery spliced into coil wire will not run without?

Easy !!! Replace the coil. That setup is a temporary solution for when the coil goes bad.

How do you hook up a hei distributor with external coil to a tachometer?

The green wire from the tach goes to the negative side of the coil.

What is a ignition coil boot and where is it located on the 1986 305 Chevy van?

well it is the bottom that goes on a ignition coil and it is locoed