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The abbreviation "i.e.," which stands for the Latin phrase id est--"that is"--is written with lowercase letters and a period after each, and no space in between.

When you use it in a sentence to signify "that is," you do follow it with a comma:

  • Jacob held the highest office in the club; i.e., that of president.
  • The process of electrolysis breaks water down into its components; i.e., hydrogen and oxygen.

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When do you use a comma in a sentence?

You use a comma in the sentence when there is a pause. Kind of like this- As he walked into the room, he saw a huge, ugly monster.

What does the ie at the end of a sentence mean?

ie is a Latin abbreviation, which stands for id est. It means that is , that is to say , or in other words . This is how to use it properly in a phrase The evaluation noted that the employee had frequently exhibited irresponsible behavior (i.e., coming to work late, failing to complete p ( Full Answer )

How do you use a comma to clarify a sentence?

My dictionary lists 20 instances in which a comma should be used, some of which seem a trifle artificial in today's more relaxed punctuational atmosphere. In my humble opinion, however, common sense is more important than any formal list.. If your common sense tells you that a sentence needs to be ( Full Answer )

Do you put a comma after the word 'which' in a sentence?

The comma goes before the word 'which', e.g.. The girl put on her shoes , which were red, and picked up her school bag.. I suppose there could also be a comma after 'which' if there is another relative clause within the one starting with 'which', e.g.. It was the weather which, despite the tim ( Full Answer )

Where do you put a comma in a sentence?

Well pretty much whenever you would pause, a comma would go. For instance, here is an example : There was a big brown happy dog that enjoyed jumping. Of you read it outloud, you might have paused a few times. The commas would go like this: There aws a big, brown, happy dog that enjoyed jumping. But ( Full Answer )

Do you need a comma after ie?

Yes. There are periods after each letter, both letters are italicised, and a comma follows the second period: " i.e. , ... ".. It is an abbreviation of the Latin term, ' id est ' (which means, 'that is'), and foreign terms are uaually italicised.. Note: . Do not confuse i.e. , with e.g. , be ( Full Answer )

Comma after instead at beginning of sentence?

Comma's are the hardest punctuation mark to place in a sentence. Acomma can be placed after instead at the beginning of a sentence ifthe sentence is a continuation of the subject in the one before it.

In a sentence is there a comma after since?

No, there is not a requirement for a comma to come after the word since in a sentence. More importantly, make sure you are being accurate when using the word since . Many people mistakenly substitute since for because , most likely due to being told to never begin a sentence with the w ( Full Answer )

What is the proper use of comma and in a sentence?

The comma comes from the Greek komma (κόμμα), which means something cut off or a short clause. I think it was the playwright Aristophanes who first used it as a sign to actors that they could take a short breath. It is possible that the 'commar' is used in maths or programming, but I ( Full Answer )

What do you call a sentence without commas?

\n. \nAre you referring to "run-on sentences"? A run-on sentence is one where it is a compound sentence (two subjects and two predicates, which could function as two separate sentences) yet a separation is not made between them.\n. \n Example: \n. \nOriginal: I went to the store . I bought food ( Full Answer )

Is there a comma after ie?

Every style manual I have referenced indicates that the proper use is to include the comma so that it looks like this: i.e.,

When to use ie in a sentence?

I.e. is Latin for id est , meaning that is or that is to say. Use it after a sentence or idea, when you want to clarify the idea further or present a specific definition. Read the sentence aloud; if you can change i.e. to in other words , and the sentence still makes sense, then you're ( Full Answer )

When do you use commas in the sentences?

A comma simply means that there is a slight pause in the flow of the sentence; if you know how you would speak that sentence out loud, you can put commas where you pause. The function of these pauses is to break the sentence up into clauses which form self-contained thoughts, or in some cases, to se ( Full Answer )

How do you use ie in a sentence?

The abbreviation of the Latin term "id est" is "i. e. ," whichtranslates literally as "that is" and can be used to replace thephrases "in other words" or "in essence. " An example of a sentenceusing the abbreviation "i. e. " is "The Senate hearing found thatthere was no basis for the Army's request ( Full Answer )

What are the rules of the first comma in a sentence?

These are basic rules when using a comma: . Use commas to separate independent clauses when they are joined by any of these seven coordinating conjunctions and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet. . Use commas after introductory clauses, phrases, or words that come before the main clause. This being said ( Full Answer )

How do commas function in a sentence?

A comma indicates a slight pause, and is used to separate sections of a complex sentence, to help you to recognize what words are part of what sections.

Do i put a comma after starting a sentence with this?

It entirely depends on what your sentence is. Usually there will be no comma, for example: 'This is the happiest day of my life.' 'This was definitely not what I was expecting.' 'This meat is too tough for me to eat.' In constructions like examples 1 and 2 above, there will be a comma if 'this' is ( Full Answer )

What is fused sentence or comma splices?

a comma splice is basically a sentence where punctuation marks are not placed correctly and are just placed everywhere. Incorrect. A comma splice is an incorrectly used comma to try to join two distinct ideas within one sentence. Changing the comma to a semicolon corrects the sentence. a fused ( Full Answer )

How do you write a sentence using ie?

'I support Leyton Orient Football Club, i.e. the only full-time professional Association Football team based in Leyton, London, England.' It is not a very good example and teacher will probably expect something better. i.e. is Latin for id est meaning, 'that is'. Now see what you can come up wi ( Full Answer )

Can a sentence have two commas?

Yes, many sentences have two commas. Here are a couple of examples, which illustrate two different types of sentence construction where two commas are used: 'My aunt, who is a dentist, lives in Scotland.' 'We walked up the hill, found a grassy spot, and sat down to rest.'

How is the comma used as an interrupter in this sentence?

How is the comma used as an interrupter in this sentence? If this car, an old junk heap, ever starts, we shall go! . appositive. direct address. parenthetical expression. summary. coordinate adjectives preceding a noun.

Is the comma before a but in a sentence or behind it?

The "comma"is before the word"but"because if you had a sentence that your teacher wants you to write,that sentence would be called a"compound sentence".A compound sentence is a sentence that have the words"but"and"and".(example.I want that dog ,but I changed my mind.)

Where do you put commas in sentences?

I was always told as a rule to place them wherever you would take a breath or pause when you read the sentence aloud.

Is there a comma after yet at the start of a sentence?

Yes. It is cold outside. Yet, I am still going to shovel the snow from my driveway. Personally, however, I would write that particular sentence in this fashion: It is cold outside; yet, I am still going to shovel the snow from my driveway.

Do compound sentences have to include a comma?

Yes, it most deffinetly does. When you combine two sentences you should always use a comma, unless the sentence already has many commas in it. In which case you get ride of the conjunction and use a semicolon(;).

What does a comma do in a sentence?

What a comma does is replacing the word "and" for example: Me , my mom , my dad , and my sister went to the park. if u look at the sentence the comma is replacing all the and's if i didn't put comma's it would be like this: Me and my mom and my dad and my sister went to the park. and also you can on ( Full Answer )

What sentence contains a comma splice?

He won, he had the best score. This is an incorrect or comma splice sentence -- two distinct ideas joined incorrectly by a comma. Either rewrite as two sentences, or change the comma to a semicolon.

How do you know where a comma goes in a sentence?

The basic rule for commas is that if you would pause slightly while speaking, that's where you put your comma. In other words, a comma is the written equivalent of a small pause. A longer pause is indicated by a colon or a period.

Is there a comma before or in a sentence?

The comma, is a way to split a thought or pause mid-sentence. the comma is never found before or after the sentence itself. -3rd grade sentence structure buddy-

Do you put a comma after but or and when it starts a sentence?

Sentences shouldn't start with the words 'and' or 'but'. However, this rule is often overlooked for dramatic or other purposes. When it is done though, a comma should usually be placed after the words 'and' or 'but'. A good guide to remember is that if you can remove the part of the sentence betw ( Full Answer )

Why do you need commas in sentences?

Why yes, I have tackled this whole day in my fleece M&M pj's and I'm not ashamed of it one bit! You can judge me, won't bother me at all.

What is two sentences sparated by a comma?

When two sentences are separated by only a comma, this is called a "comma splice", and it is not correct. The correct punctuation is either a semicolon instead of a comma, or to keep the two as separate sentences, each ending in a period. Examples Comma splice, incorrect: Carla studied Spanish, ( Full Answer )

Can complex sentences have commas in them?

i can if you want it to ex) The writer, who has already published one book, is working on a new one. you can do without one, but it wouldnt sound very good, i suggest you use commas though :)

Where does a commas goes in a sentence?

yes Ex: She wanted a bike, a dog, and a fairy, but her parrents refused to give her anything... not even food so she died. The End.

How to add commas to sentences?

You add Commas to sentences when your taking a brake ; for Exaple: Thee teacher , Mrs.Salas , is mean !

How do you use a pair of commas in a sentence?

I use a pair of commas to indicate an idea in opposition, or when expressing a thought saying the same thing using different words, so that my reader will know I am saying the same thing.

Could a sentence have two commas?

yes. when you are listing things, you can put 2 or more commas. EX: There were many sports i could choose from like soccer,baseball,basketball,and track. P.S.-i think track is a sport. ........

Using as well as in a sentence with commas?

He loved carrots as well as turnips, parsnips, cauliflower andcabbage. As well as going to the shop, he had gone to the church, thelibrary and the bank that afternoon.