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Is there a common or frequent problem with fuel injection or sensors on a 1994 S-10 Blazer?

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Absolutely. The problem is common with all the GM vehicles made between 1992 - 1995, that have the 4.3L Vortec vin code "W". The 4.3L Vortec has a CPI (Central Port Injection) system that has proven to be quite problematic. These injection systems consist of a large fuel injector that has tube going to each cylinder (six total). This injector is located in the plenum. (must remove upper intake to see it) The problem with these systems is that they develop leaks, these leaks occur in either the FPR (fuel pressure regulator) mounted on the side of the injector or the internal fuel lines leading to the injector assembly (GM has decided to refer to these internal fuel lines as a "Nut Kit" for some reason). The FPR is located on the passenger side half of the intake, and the nut kit is located on the driver side of the intake. The cylinders on the side that develops the leak, get flooded by fuel causing a rich condition. This rich condition can cause the engine to run rough, create a strong smell of raw fuel, set O2 sensor codes, cause excessive carbon build up that plugs the EGR valve, set EGR codes, and/or cause raw fuel to enter the oil which destroys the engine. I will add links to the right that have more information about the problem, and detailed instructions on how to fix it. Look for "92-95 4.3L Engine info", "4.3L Vortec CPI and Nut Kit Replacement", and "4.3L Vortec Fuel Pressure Regulator Replacement"

2006-08-23 10:11:27
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How many oxygen sensors does a 96 blazer have?


How many Oxygen sensors does a 1998 S10 blazer have?

A 1998 Chevy S10 Blazer has a total of two oxygen sensors. One is used for the upstream and one for the downstream.

Why won't my 94 Chevy blazer start It starts sometimes but then dies?

I had a Chevy blazer with the same problem. It had spark, fuel pressure, good battery & good starter. I sprayed some carburetor quick start spray & it started. They blazers have a problem with the fuel injection.

Is it true a 1996 Chevy blazer does not have air bag sensors?

If it is equipped with air bags of course it has sensors.

How many 02 sensors are on a 1999 Chevy blazer?


S10 Blazer 4.3 CPI?

central port injection

Is it possible to put fuel injection on a 1985 Chevy S10 blazer?

It already has throttle body fuel injection.

Why would a 1995 Chevy Blazer 4 wheel drive S10 die while driving?

I had a similar problem with my 95 Blazer. The problem I had was with the spider unit or the fuel injection unit. This went bad on me along with the fuel lines going to it. While I was driveing one day it just died. If you have gas in the oil this could be your problem.

How do you replace a tbi unit on a 2002 s10 blazer?

A 2002 S10 Blazer doesn't have throttle body injection (tbi).

Can you clean the oxygen sensors on a Chevy blazer?

No, they will need replaced if defective.

Does 1993 S10 Blazer 4.3 have Spider?

yes a 1993 4.3 liter motor can have (cpi) centralport injection) (spyder injection) if your blazer has a (w) has it 8th vin letter then yes it does but if it has a (z) from a 8th letter on your vin number iz a (tbi) throttle body injection

What is Fuel pump presure on 92 Chevy blazer?

if you have cpi injection 54=62lbs if youhavetbi injection 9-13 lbs.

Will a 4.3 z engine from a 1992 s10 blazer fit in a 2000 s10 blazer?

It would bolt in but you would have fuel injection problems.

Where is the ABS sensor on a 1995 Chevrolet Blazer?

There are 4 sensors on the 1995 Chevrolet Blazer. The 2 front for the Disc Brakes is behind the rotors on the hub. The inside hub has gears and the sensors are above them. On the rear, where you have Drum Brakes, the sensors are on the back of the Drum Brake Assembly, next to the bleeder screws.

Where are the knock sensors on a 98 Chevy blazer v6?

Passenger side, in front of the starter.

How Many Knock sensors does a 1993 S10 Blazer have?

Assuming this is the 4.3L engine, one.

Where the knock sensors on Chevy blazer 1996 4.3?

In back of engine, it can be reached from the top.

2002 Chevy Blazer - where are the O2 sensors located?

That vehicle has several O2 sensors and they are all threaded into the exhaust system at various points.

How many oxygen sensors on the 1999 Chevy blazer LT?

I have a 1999 Chevy blazer 4.3 v6 we just replaced them there is three two up stream and one down stream. If you get under there and look you will find them with no problem. I'm a woman and I found them with no problem. two on passanger side one on drivers side. unless you have two catalitic converters then there is 4

Where is the o2 sensors on a 1996 blazer?

There are four o2 sensors on a 1996 Chevy blazer all on the exhaust, of course, there are three ahead of the convertors and one between the convertor and muffler. on the right hand bank. should be changed every 60,000 miles.

Where are the O2 sensors 2001 Chevy Blazer 4w drive?

They are in the exhaust pipe system, There are none after the muffler.

How many o2 sensors on a Chevy 5.7 Chevy?

how many oxygen cencors does the 1994 Chevy blazer have

How do you fix a Chevy Blazer starting problem?

trying to fix simular problem

Where are the oxygen sensors located on a 1996 blazer where is sensor 3 bank one?

I have a code DTC P0154.Bank 2 Sensor 1 no activity.Which sensor is this on my 96 Blazer?

Can a 1995 Chevy Blazer fuel pump work on 1999 Chevy Blazer?

probably no because Chevy changed the type of fuel injection and it probably operates at a different pressure.