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I would think a handyman sort might set it up for you and you would have to hire a pool service to service it. Or call a few pool service companies in your area and see what they say. You might want to consider an Intex easy set-up pool. I bought a 15 foot Intex pool at Wal-Mart for virtually nothing. Add water and it rises. Check with your pool supply company for help with the chemicals. The pools are well designed and very sturdy. We had ours for 2 years before we bought a much bigger pool. Our Intex pool rode through hurricane Lily (cat.3) just fine. At the end of the summer, we drained the water and stored the pool for the next year. Once we built our pool, we gave the Intex pool to someone else who is still using it.

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Q: Is there a company that will come to your house set up an above ground pool service it and then tear it down after the summer?
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