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Is there a comparison list of vehicles and their gas mileage?


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2010-03-20 10:51:28
2010-03-20 10:51:28

See link below.

They have info back to 1985. Very Nice.


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One of the best ways to find the top gas mileage cars is by looking at a comparison list. You should always compare the statistics of hybrid cars before buying one that you think has the top gas mileage. There are plenty of ways to find a list of the top gas mileage cars. You can find this list at a dealership website or at a website aimed at consumer rights.

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This is one of the best sites I have used and the most comprehensive in terms of information on gas mileage on vehicles, there you will find all the information you need. List

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go to for answers to all consumer vehicles gas mileage

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You can find this on the EPA home page. There is has a list of the top "efficient" vehicles. You can also view starting prices, and different features and models available.

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Smaller vehicles get better mileage another alternative is hybrid or electric cars. Smaller compact cars can get around 40 mpg the same as some of the hybrid cars likes Prius' get. Most vehicles now list their mpg rates.

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