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See link below.

They have info back to 1985. Very Nice.

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Q: Is there a comparison list of vehicles and their gas mileage?
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Finding the Top Gas Mileage Cars?

One of the best ways to find the top gas mileage cars is by looking at a comparison list. You should always compare the statistics of hybrid cars before buying one that you think has the top gas mileage. There are plenty of ways to find a list of the top gas mileage cars. You can find this list at a dealership website or at a website aimed at consumer rights.

Where can I find out gas mileage on vehicles?

This is one of the best sites I have used and the most comprehensive in terms of information on gas mileage on vehicles, there you will find all the information you need. List

How much the Gas mileage for a 1997 Plymouth Voyager?

go to for answers to all consumer vehicles gas mileage

Where can I see a list of the top gas mileage cars?

You can find this on the EPA home page. There is has a list of the top "efficient" vehicles. You can also view starting prices, and different features and models available.

What cars out there get the best gas mileage?

Smaller vehicles get better mileage another alternative is hybrid or electric cars. Smaller compact cars can get around 40 mpg the same as some of the hybrid cars likes Prius' get. Most vehicles now list their mpg rates.

What is the gas mileage of a ford falcon?

A Ford Falcon gets similar gas mileage to other vehicles. The gas mileage is around 30 miles per gallon. Older Ford Falcons were not as good on gas as the newer Ford Falcons.

What cars have high clearance and low gas mileage?

SUV's (Sport Utility Vehicles)

How many feet with 3 pints of gas?

Ned the vehicles mileage per gallon to answer.

What is the gas mileage for 81 dodge ram 150?

The gas mileage for the trucks will vary between the vehicles. Many of them get an average of 12 miles per gallon.?æ

How can I improve my vehicles gas mileage?

There are many ways to improve your cars gas mileage. First check that you tires are properly inflated, change you oil and check and replace your air filters if necessary. In addition changing you driving habits will help to boost your fuel mileage.

Which car would win a gas mileage comparison, the Ford Fusion or the Lincoln?

I think its the Ford Fusion and one can grade them by searching online on the car reviews. The Fusion gives more mileage per gallon. you can also learn the comparisons pros and cons from all the vehicles.

What is the gas mileage of the Mercedes Benz?

This link has the list of 1990 300e gas mileage.

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