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A billion dollar question to which i have no answer

2007-10-01 07:53:46
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Q: Is there a conversion chart to compare different countries' education systems and degree levels?
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What is the Importance of studying comparative and international education to future educational planners or managers?

it is important to study comparative and international education so that we can compare the different education to the other countries and to know what we contribute to the best quality of education for the progress of nation.

Which agency collects data that is used by researchers to compare crime in different countries?

The FBI collects data used by researches to compare crime in different countries.

Why is Kenya a ledc country?

Because they are poor compare to alot of countries and don't have good education.

What way would cash flows differ in different countries?

The cash flow is different in different countries because of the econmoy. Depending the value of the currency some countries would greater cash flow compare to poor countries.

Why is it difficult to compare different countries growth rates?

becase it constly changeing

What are Catholic customs like in other countries?

Some are different, some are the same, you would have to ask about two specific countries to compare.

How do you compare different countries or states with each other?

i dont get much tym to do so...... lol :x

How does an economist compare the standard of living in two different countries?

by comparing real GDP per capita

What is a rate simpilfied so that it has a denominator of 1?

It is easier to compare different rates and, provided that the unit rate is simple, the equation for conversion is also simple.

Why is it difficult to compare household income distribution among countries?

It is difficult because countries collect data in different ways and some countries collect data on expenditures instead of incomes.

What ways can you compare and order countries?

You could compare countries based on climate or location. You could order countries based on population or alphabetize them.

How do Fahrenheit and Celsius compare?

Compare for yourself. Scroll down to related links and look at "Conversion of temperatures and formulas".

Compare or contrast Rizal's education at the Ateneo and UST?

compare in his study in ateneo and ust

A senten with compare in it?

"Compare the technological development in first and third world countries" is an example of a sentence with compare in it.

Comparison between India and Bangladesh life insurance?

You cannot compare insurance between two countries. It is always going to be different.

How does the US court system compare to the court systems in other countries?

how does the u.s. court system compare to court systems in other countries

What ways can you compare and order countries other than by land area?

You can compare and order countries by its demographics, economics, population, politics and history.

Compare the different kinds of animal population?

compare the different kinds of animal population

How was our response different when comparing japan attacking china and germany attacking britain?

The nature of the weapons used and the intensity of the counter attacks is different to the response when you compare with the listed countries.

A very good sentences with compare In it?

"It is important to compare the prices of different commodities in different shops" is an example of a sentence with the word compare.

What is the role of statistics in education?

to collect the numerical facts about education and to compare one education system with an other statistics is very important

Where can I compare schools online?

You can go here to research the top online colleges. It gives you many schools to check out and compare and consider.

Compare education in nigeria with u.s.a education?

well the usa is most definetly better in every way

How does the UK compare with the rest of the world in education?

The UK has one of the lowest standards of education in the industrialised world.

Assess and compare the costs of different sources of finance?

Assess and compare the different sources of finance