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Generally, guys who ACT arrogant tend to have something wrong that makes them feel insecure somehow. It COULD be a feeling of inadequacy in any of a number of areas. A confident man certainly doesn't need to overdo it. Remember that the smallest dogs tend to bark the loudest. ;)

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What is the correlation between height and penis size?


Does how tall you are affect how big your penis gets?

There is no correlation between height and penis size.

If your feet are a size ten how big would your penis be?

There is no correlation between shoe size and penis size... That is just a myth.

Does the length of a boy's feet determine the length of his penis?

No, there is no correlation between foot and penis size. Your size is determined by your genes you carry.

Is it true that your penis size is half the size of your foot?

No. There is no direct correlation between penis size and the size of any other part of your body.

Does the size of a boys shoe affect his penis size?

Long term studies have indicated that there is no correlation between the two.

What is the relationship between the pregnancy and small penis?

There is no correlation between a small penis and pregnancy. Pregnancy occurs when a human male spermatozoa passes through the vaginal canal and the cervix into the uterus and once there combines with the female egg. Penis size have no effect on this process.

Does alcohol effect your penis size while going through puberty?

Alcohol has no correlation on penis size.

What happens when you tuck your penis between your legs?

Your penis is between your leg.

What you the difference between a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised penis?

The uncircumcised penis has foreskin, the circumcised penis does not.

If you have big hands big feet and in general just most everything on you is big does that mean you will most likely have a large penis?

Nope. The size of those other organs have no correlation to the size of your penis.

What are some more adjectives that describe Harry Houdini?


Is it true that you gain an inch in your penis for every 35 pounds that you lose?

No. Your penis doesn't actually grow. The fatty tissue over the pubic bones shrinks and creates the "illusion" of a longer penis. A scince group did a correlation between weigh and "apparent penis length", and derrived the average of 1" per 35 lbs. Conversely, a man can become so overweight that the pubic fat tissue causes the penis to become inverted, refered to as a man-gina.

What is between a penis and balls and the bum?

The region between the penis and testicles and the anus is called the perineum. The distance between the base of the penis and anus is called the anogenital distance.

What is the difference between a mature penis and an unmature penis?


What is the most common coloration of a horse's penis?

The most common coloration for a horses penis is grey. The color of a horses genitals will be in direct correlation to it's skin color. Most horses have grey skin, thus the penis will likely be grey also. However they can also be pink or mottled in color.

Why is black boy and white boys penis sizes different?

There is no discernible difference in penis size for different skin colors. This is completely untrue. It's not fair to judge one black boy and one white boy. The correlation is simply not there.

What can you eat to have a large penis?

Sorry -- there's no relationship between penis size and diet.

What is the avergae penis length?

The average penis is between 5 and 7 inches in length.

How long does a penis need to be to reach a vagina?

Longer than the distance between the penis and the vagina.

Why is your penis getting bigger?

The penis can grow from birth up until puberty is over. If you are between these then the penis will be growing along with the rest of the body.

What is the difference between a child's penis and an adult's penis?

The main difference is that the child's penis is smaller and can't be erected .during sexual practices.

What is the difference between immunization and immunoglobulin?


What is the difference between chickens and dinosaurs?

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What is the difference between Hinduism and buddhism?

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