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Yes it is dangerous. Mustiness isn't so bad (caused by hot/cold/damp) but mold has been known to make people ill. If the mold is in the walls and you rent then get out. If you own the home then you have to consider getting to the source of the problem and making repairs.

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When was Neal Clothing Building created?

Neal Clothing Building was created in 1865.

When was Palace Clothing Company Building created?

Palace Clothing Company Building was created in 1924.

How do you wear a building?

You can't wear a real building, unless it is made specifically for that purpose. You can, however, wear the image of a building. You would find (or make) clothing made from material with images of a building or decorate clothing with images of a building.

Do clothing you wear affects body temperature?

yes, the more clothing you have on the warmer you are. that is why blankets andheavy clothing can make u over heat

What type of clothing would you wear on Planet Venus?

On the planet Venus, you would wear clothing that will keep you cool. The temperature on Venus is much higher than the temperature on Earth.

What can bamboo be used for?

Bamboo can be used for clothing , furniture, floors, and building.

What plants are used as building materials?

well 1 i know of is the silk worm which produced silk for a building material for clothing.

Does light clothing affect your body temperature?

sure why not sure why not

Does dark colored clothing affect your body temperature?

Yes, darker clothing affects your body temperature-it increases. Just like inside of a darker colored car, the car absorbs the heat.

Is any shopping building in Hong Kong sale wholesale and retail clothing?


Why is special clothing necessary fo making computers?

because you dont want your body material or clothing fibers to get in the computor while building it!

How does the color of your clothing affect the temperature?

When you where dark clothing it attracts the sun rays more then a light colored shirt would, therefore dark clothing will make it hotter when the suns out.

What do countries import and export?

goods (such as toys, clothing, building materials, electonics. ect...)

When was Bost Building created?

Bost Building was created in 1892.

What is the proper clothing for observing stars at night?

Mainly, you should use warm clothing, if you expect it to get cold outside.

What would the Indians use animals for?

Antelope: Food and clothing, and the hair to stuff mattresses, Pipes and tools were made out of the horns Bear: Meat and fat, clothing, bow strings, bear oil, claws Horses: Riding Turtle: Calenders, ,astronomy, and to teach patience to little ones

How do you remove urine smell from clothing?

Prerinse the clothing with a cup of vinegar. Then, wash as normal. If you can safely use hot water, that would be helpful, also. Nature's Miracle can be purchased at pet stores or online. This completely removes urine odors (human or animal) from clothing, floors, mattresses, upholstery, etc. The enzymes in it completely eliminate even set in stains / odors.

Relation between climate condition and relief of area with rural houses and clothing?

The buildings, clothing and type of foods often reflect the climatic and topography of a given region. This is due to the availability of building materials as well as regional temperature ranges and materials to make clothing. In colder climates or mountianous regions with wide temperature ranges, wooden buildings with insulation are often found where in hot and desert climates mud brick or wattle and daub structures are found along with lighter clothing which is tigthly woven against sand storms. Foods are also different due to the climatic conditions and this can be seen in the markets of these different regions.

What should you wear when the temperature is 303 Kelvin?

Lightweight clothing. 303K equates to 85.3ºF

Is clothing a good conductor of heat?

Most clothing is not a good conductor of heat, because one of the purposes of clothing is to reduce the energy input required maintain the human body at a constant temperature. Clothing that is a good conductor of heat would frustrate this purpose.

What is the suitable clothing used in football and to help keep the body temperature in?

The suitable clothing for football is a polo shirt and a three quarter pants track pants.

What temperature kills bacteria on clothing?

Just pour beach all over r clothing even colors notting wont happen your good! bacteria dead

How does temperature affect an ecosystem?

quick changes could be hazardous to humans...if you are not wearing proper clothing

What precautions should be taken in zero degree temperature?

When people are moving around in zero degree temperature, they should wear warm clothing. Some clothing to wear include gloves, boots and jackets. Covering the face is important in order to avoid hypothermia.

How did people earn their living in Rhode Island?

they had jobs like building and made clothing and gathered food for their famileys