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Is there a day of the week that hair grows faster?

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Your hair has no preference to a special day of the week and it grows all the time and it also falls out. When in doubt look at your comb or brush.

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How fast does hair grow in a week?

Your hair grows half a millimetre a day and 3 millimetres a week.

How long does you hair grow in a week?

Human scalp hair normally grows at a rate of 0.4 mm/day which would be equal to approximately 1/8" per week. On the average, scalp hair grows approximately 1/2" per month.

What time of the day the your hair grows best?

Your hair grows best when you sleep

Why does head hair grow faster if you put your head upside down for 20-30 seconds every day?

yes it does my hair grows faster because i do that everyday in the morning and night

Why do some men have to shave twice a day?

Erm... Hair grows faster due to differences in diet and genetic make-up? their hairs grow faster

How much does your hair grow and a day?

Your hair grows 2 inces a day

How long does hair grow each day?

Depends what you eat, the healthier you are the faster it grows(same applies to nails and skin aging)

Which flower grows in 1 week?

The sunflower grows within a week as long as you water it twice a day.

The hair in a typical man's beard grows about 3.5mm per week. Find the unit rate in mm per day.?

It is 0.5 mm per day.

What kind of hair food do you use to make your hair grow faster for human hair girl?

There is no such thing as hair food. A good diet with good protein will help growth but hair only grows so much per day for all of us.

How can you get your hair past your shoulder int one day?

You can't. Some hair grows faster than others. But don't try and grow it out. I heard eating carrots improves growth though. Try that.

How do you make your hair grow very faster?

Human scalp hair grows at a rate of about 0.4 millimeters a day (1/2 inch a month). Emotional distress can make it grow slower, but nothing is known to make it grow faster. Dirty hair appears to grow faster because it develops more "body" (yucch!), but in fact it does not.

How fast does hair grow daily?

Hair grows approx 12mm every day

How do you grow youre hair longer?

Take a multi-vitamin once a day in the morning. Also drink a lot of water, your hair needs hydration to grow. Hair grows faster in the summer than it does in the winter, and using a lot of heat on your hair is NOT good for it. Some shampoos have special vitamins in them that enhance your hair folicles, making hair grow faster. With hair remember, the moister the better!!

How fast hair grows?

About one mm per day.

What part of the body grows longer every day?

Your hair

The hair in a typical man's beard grows about 3.5mm per week Find the unit rate in mm per day?

There are 7 days in one week. 3.5/7 = 0.5. Therefore, this is equal to 0.5 millimetres per day.

Is there a way to make your hair grow faster?

That is a great question. 1. Brush your hair 5 or more times a day 2. Go to your local hair Solon and ask for shampoo that would do the trick 3. Eat healthily (which we all know is hard) :) 4. Drive to your local pharmacy, ask for herbs or pills that would make hair grow faster Believe it or not I used the herb, "fenugreek", and it noticeably did the job. Hope this helped!!!! :D The more you wash your hair the less it grows so dont wash it every day about three times a week is fine

Does hair grow faster when you are awake or asleep?

Your hair has a cycle where it grows normally all day long and then it will shed after a few years. The follicle won't do any thing for about a week or two and when the hair will start to grow again. This is the same for everybody but each persons cycle is different. This is why some people can grow their hair up to the floor while others can only grow it up to their backs. Hope this helped

Does grass grow faster at night day?

Grass grows faster during the day than at night. This is because they use the Sun as a source of energy.

Does your hair grow every day?

Yes. Hair grows approximately 1 inch per month.

How often should you shave?

People's hair grows a different speeds. Also hair on different parts of the body grows at different speeds. For instance some men need to shave their beards only once a day others may need to shave twice a day and women may only need to shave their legs once a week.

How do you make your hair grow in 1 day?

Your hair is growing every day. It grows at the rate of approximately 1/2 inch per month in the average person. Nothing you do will alter the rate yours grows.

What part of the human body grows longer as the day goes on?

hair and nails.

How long will weed stay in your hair for a drug test?

About 90 days. Try to get your hair trimmed twice before you take your test bc when you trim hair it grows faster and with less thc. If you smoked daily, multiple times a day, then maybe up to 120 days

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