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The Devil (Satan)

Is there a devil and is he or it a human being?


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September 17, 2017 12:39PM

only a concept


According to the divinely revealed Truth of God, the Bible [John 17:17]; the "Devil" is real.

Jesus was tempted by him, and spoke both TO him in the biblical "temptation" account, and OF him to others. Satan was one of God's "innumerable company" of angels; originally an angel of great authority at the very throne of God in the third heaven, who led other angels to join him, and "sinned" when they made their "coup attempt" in heaven to usurp the authority of God the Father in heaven, in Satan's [also named Lucifer, and other names] attempt to MAKE HIMSELF THE SOVEREIGN GOD OVER THE UNIVERSE.

"...behold a Great Red Dragon... and his tail drew a THIRD PART OF THE STARS OF HEAVEN [God's Word symbolizes angels as STARS - see Rev.1:20]..." (Rev.12:3).

"And there was WAR IN HEAVEN: Michael and HIS ANGELS fought against the Dragon; and the Dragon fought and HIS ANGELS, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven [for them]. And the Great Dragon was cast out, that OLD SERPENT, called the DEVIL, and SATAN, which DECEIVETH THE WHOLE WORLD: he was CAST OUT INTO THE EARTH, and HIS ANGELS were cast out with him." (Rev.12:7-9)

If you're familiar with the Scriptures, you've read in the gospels [Matthew, Mark, Luke and John] how Jesus was constantly "casting out unclean spirits" or "demons" from people. Well, in time those people died... but SPIRIT BEINGS, or ANGELS, DON'T DIE: and these "angels that sinned" that were "cast down to the earth" have continued to possess, and influence, otherwise GUIDE the subsequent generations of man to THIS DAY.

One of those influences on mankind that the "demons" have had is found in the false religions they have caused man to come to "believe in." One belief of which is that of "going to heaven" -- that place that they tried to take over from God in the beginning. The concept of "going to heaven" was SATAN'S DESIRE. It was NEVER a promise God made to man.

Jesus clearly reveals that NO MAN HAS GONE TO THE THIRD HEAVEN of His Father's throne, except FOR HIMSELF who CAME FROM THERE (see John 3:13). And the closest Scripture you can find that says "go to heaven" is THE DEVIL SAYING IT!


It's not just the "Devil" who is very real... but the ONE THIRD OF GOD'S "innumerable company of" ANGELS [Heb.12:22] populate this world with him... which the TWO PEOPLE whom God made in His image in the beginning [the MALE and the FEMALE made He them] chose to worship and obey instead of their Creator. This event set the generations of mankind on their deceptive life's journey under the misguiding influence, teachings, and ways of Satan; that has landed our generation here in this confused, hate-filled, sin-sick world today. A journey that is rapidly coming to its conclusion toward the LAST GREAT DAY of God's plan of Salvation for man and the world -- JUDGMENT DAY. The Day when all of man's works over the generations will be measured against the written Word of God... as well as the works of "THE DEVIL and THE ANGELS THAT SINNED!"

"For if God spared not THE ANGELS THAT SINNED, but cast them down to hell [tartarus: a spiritual condition of restraint], and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be RESERVED UNTO JUDGMENT..." (II Peter 2:4).

"And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath RESERVED in everlasting chains under darkness unto THE JUDGMENT OF THE GREAT DAY." (Jude 1:6)

The Devil and his demons are alive and well and living in the hearts and minds of men everywhere! "

"Why do you not understand My speech? Even because YE CANNOT HEAR MY WORD. Ye are of YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL, and the lusts of your father YE WILL DO. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the Truth, because THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for HE IS A LIAR, and THE FATHER OF IT. And because I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, ye believe Me not." (John 8:44-45)

The "Devil" [along with his demonic army] is very real; living and active in the world; LIVING IN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF MEN.

[[ step back a moment and take a gander at an overview of the world and its Satan-owned governments. "...the Devil... shewed unto Him {Jesus} ALL THE KINGDOMS OF THE WORLD in a moment of time. And the Devil said unto Him, 'ALL THIS POWER WILL I GIVE THEE, and THE GLORY OF THEM: for THAT IS DELIVERED UNTO ME...'"

-- Adam and Eve, to whom God gave the sovereignty of the world in the beginning handed it all over to the SERPENT, along with all of its future government systems --

"...'for that is delivered unto me; and to WHOMSOEVER I WILL GIVE IT {the power of human government}. If thou therefore wilt worship me, ALL SHALL BE THINE.'" -- Luke 4:5-6]]

But the world that's deceived by the Devil, is very confused by him, as well as ignorant OF him. Some don't believe in him... some do. Some worship him... some don't. But God's Word of Truth reveals that Satan will ultimately give A MAN all of his power in the near future to rule over man's last attempt at ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. And it will be IN HIM that the world will believe:

"...and THE DRAGON GAVE HIM [a future man called the BEAST --- not the Antichrist --- as this deceived world calls him --- in God's prophecies] HIS POWER, and his seat, and GREAT AUTHORITY... and ALL THE WORLD wondered after THE BEAST. And they WORSHIPPED THE DRAGON which GAVE POWER UNTO THE BEAST: and they WORSHIPPED THE BEAST..." (Rev.13:2-4).

God's Word provides quite a bit of detail regarding this "concept" of the "Devil." Along with the "concept" of Jesus, who speaks in matter-of-fact terms ABOUT him... as well as being quoted as speaking directly WITH him.