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Yes as I stated before at they have your wiring diagram there for free cant make any clearer.

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Yes, there is a wiring diagram fro the stock stereo for the 1993 Lincoln Continental. This can be find in the maintenance manual.

To remove a stock stereo, you will first need to remove the bezel from the stereo. Then, pull the stereo out of the dashboard and remove the wiring harness.

wen i bought the pickup the person had cut the stock stereo plug off and tried wiring it back and has it all messed up so now i have to rewire the stereo but i need to know what wires are wat

Check out this page:

If yours is like mine then you will find a wiring diagram on top of the factory radio when you remove it from the dash. Simply match-up the wiring for the new stereo to the coresponding feeds listed on the wiring diagram that's on the factory radio

if you are trying to install the factory stereo to should be the same plug...if you are trying to install the stereo for a cougar on a different car you need to buy the plug for that stereo and then a harness for the other car... has the best wiring diagram collection I have seen. A pretty comprehensive list of auto manufacturers. Downloadable pdf files have the stock wiring colors and then the standard aftermarket wiring colors. Super helpful. Definately a time saver. There is a program that most car stereo installer has. If you are lucky enough to meet one or know one ask them about that program. I saw the program on the guy that installed my stereo laptop. I forgot the name of the program but it has the completer wiring diagram for most cars. Good Luck.

Remove the retaining cover from your 2003 Suzuki stock stereo. Remove the stereo retaining screws. Slide the stereo out and remove the wiring harness and the antenna cable from the back of the stereo.

The stock stereo, from a 2003 Nissan Altima, can be removed by first removing the stereo front cover. Next, remove the four screws. Pull the stereo out and remove the wiring.

Most auto parts stores can get you a wiring diagram for a 1996 Hyundai Elantra. If not in stock, the store can order a diagram for you.

Go to This will give the factory Mach 460 wiring or go to the website and pick

Where can I find a passenger side door wiring diagram for a 1996 Honda civic ex coupe?

Perhaps would be able to provide such a wiring diagram.

Remove the decorative cover to your 2001 Chevy Lumina stereo. Remove the stereo retaining screws. Slide the stereo out and remove the wiring harness. Remove the antenna cable.

If you don't want stock try Walmart or eBay

Go to a Stereo sales /installation store, the make adaptor plugs for about all newer vehicles, it will simply plug into stock plug so the original radio can be replaced and the plug will come with a diagram.

I got mine from here:

Open your glove box, on the right side (inside) on the glove box door there should be a # diagram with your code.

I assume when asking this question that you would like to install an aftermarket stereo in place of the stock stereo in your Saturn. If that is the case, then hoepfully the following should get you started: 1. Purchase a wiring harness kit. This is available from Crutchfield or several other online warehouses. You will need to get a wiring harness that will adapt from the Saturn stock wiring to the new stereo. 2. Purchase a mounting kit. Your new stereo will be a slightly different size than the radio that was included with your vehicle. A mounting kit is required to mount the stereo cleanly in the vehicle and fasten it in place. 3. If need be, purchase an antenna adapter kit. For your vehicle this may or may not be necessary. 3. Conenct wiring harness kit to new stereo wiring. The harness will come with instructions or the wires will be labeled. Connect each wire from the harness to the appropriate one on the stereo. Solder these connections if possible, but twisting and taping can be done if need be. 4. Install mounting kit in dashboard of saturn. Follow the instructions that come with the mounting kit. They will vary for the different types and manufacturers of the kits. 5. Plug it all in. Plug in the wiring harness to the connector in the dashboard and the antenna adaptor ot the antenna then the stereo. 6. Test stereo. With the stereo still out of your dash, turn the key on and verify that the stereo works. 7. Push stereo into mounting kit and clean up. 8. Done!

there is a harness that connects the speakers, the stereo and any power (extras bought) in a single bunch. most stereo kits make adapters that fit on the back of an aftermarket stereo so you don't have to cut the harness. however, it is a tight fit behind the stock stereo because of a plastic backing built into the dash. recommend to not cut the harness and find a way to fit it all (adapter, new stereo harness, stock harness) into the space provided.

No, Chevy changed the wiring harness in 2003. and the way it is mounted, it can be made to work though.

Correct STOCK size is 5" x 7" for front and rear speakers. You have to cut the doors metal to make 6x9 speakers fit. REFERENCE :

The wattage of your stock stereo in your 1989 Acura Integra is 75 watts. There was anÊoption for a larger stereo output of up to 200 watts.

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