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No. J. Stevens and Company 1867-1886. J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company, 1886-1915. J. Stevens Arms Company 1915-c.1940. Stevens c.1940-1991. The company was purchased by New England Westinghouse in 1915 and no Stevens guns were manufactured 1916-1919. It became a division of Savage Arms in 1920. Most Stevens firearms manufactured after 1948 carry both the Stevens and Savage names.

I can't provide an answer to the question,,,, I am looking for information on a gun that I have..... It is marked as follows,,, J. STEVENS A & T CO.CHICOPEE FALLS MASS. USA PAT APR 1794ON THE OTHER SIDE 22 LONG RIFLEON THE UNDER SIDE OF THE LEVER ACTION A NUMBER 201THE GUN IS NOT FOR SALE,,,, I AM LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON THE AGE OF THE GUN AND HISTORY ABOUT IT.....Any suggestions and/or information would be greatly appreciated....

John42 in KY

  • Hi John;

The rifle that you are describing is the same model that I am refurbishing for my Grandson. It was called "The Boys Gun." This was a gun that a father would buy for the sons first gun. I am just a novice but, I have lived in the Hampden county of Massachusetts [which includes Chicopee Falls, and Westfield, MA].The stamping on your Gun is the same as mine with the exception of the number stamped on the bottom of the action case. Your number, 201 and my number, 682, I think is the production number of the gun. This would put your rifle closer to the date that the patent was issued. The information stamped on the top of the barrel shows the manufacturer [J, Stevens Arms & Tool Company]. First factory was in Chicopee Falls, MA, [They also made machine tools and guages and were in competition with the Starret tool company in Athol, MA]. Until they moved to the Westfield, MA plant of the Savage arms, the guns made in Westfield, carried the name of both Stevens and Savage until the Stevens Name was dropped. The rest of the stamping on the gun, is the year that the gun was patented [USA patented April 1894]. I have seen a few of these guns for sale any where from $175.00 to $1000.00 - depending on the shape of the gun. Our gun has been handed down since new. We do not know the date that it was purchased or when it was manufactured.

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Q: Is there a difference between 'J Stevens Arms and Tool Co' and 'J Stevens A and T Co'?
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Is there a difference between a J. Stevens Arms Co. and a J. Stevens Arms Company?

no Co. is an abbreviation for company But there are differences between: * J. Stevens and Co. * J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. * J. Stevens Arms Co. * Stevens and * Stevens - Savage

When did J Stevens arms and tool Co make the 16gauge model 947?

Any Stevens firearm that is marked J Stevens Arms and Tool co.Was produced between the years 1886-1915.That is as close as I can get.

When was j Stevens arms and tool company model 235 made?

The J Stevens Arms and tool Company name on their firearms was used from 1886-1915.This model was made by Stevens from 1912-1932.We can deduce that your Model 235 was made sometime between 1912-1915.I hope that you find this information useful.

When did Mass Arms Co open?

Massachusetts Arms Company operated from 1860 to 1893. The name was later used by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co, J. Stevens Arms, and Crescent Firearms.

When was a J Stevens Arms tool Co shotgun model 285 made?


Is the J Stevens Arms and Tool company model 265 a 20 gauge?

yes it is.

When did the name J. Stevens Chicopee Mass start appearing on their shotguns?

About 1886, if the marking is J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.

How much is a J Stevens Arms and Tool Co shotgun worth?

Probably $50-$75.

Stevens arms and tool co double barrel hammer type 12 gauge shotgun Model 235 serial 64329 Do you know what year this was made?

Your Stevens model 235 was made between the years 1912-1916.This is when the Name Stevens arms and tool Co was changed to Stevens arms Co.The model 235 was made from 1912-1935.So the years listed fit into both the name and manufacturing time frame that your shotgun was produced.I hope that you find this informative.

What is the age of a J Stevens Arms Company 16 gauge shotgun?

Impossible to answer without more information.The manufacture date can be approximated by the company name.J Stevens & Co = 1864-1886J Stevens Arms & Tool Co = 1886-1916J Stevens Arms Co = 1920-late 1940sStevens = 1940s-1990

How can you find out the manufacture date of a j Stevens arms and tool co 32 crack-shot with pat app'd for on the barrel?

The Stevens No. 16, also marked Crack Shot, was manufactured between 1900 and 1913.

Who made guns marked 'Springfield Arms'?

Springfield Arms was a trade name used by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co beginning around 1920. After Stevens was pruchased by Savage Arms, that company continued making Springfield Arms rifles and shotguns until 1948.

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