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yes, college and nfl footballs are the same size, but high school footballs have their own size


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The size of a college football is 11 inches long and a high school football is 9 1/2 inches long.

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The difference between college trigonometry and high school math is that college courses tend to be more focused in one subject. High school courses tend to provide the student with a broad understanding of math.

Only about about 2 percent of high school football players receive college scholarships "well about 20% of high school football players get college football scholarships." "martin alberts College Florida" is incorrect.

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yes for example there are automatic touchbacks in high school if you catch a punt or kickoff in the end zone. also a new rule added this year is the horse collar which is only used in college and the nfl. and i think there is a differencial in tee heigth beetween the 2.

No...a high school football is smaller than a college football

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The Detroit Lions would win, because the NFL pulls out the best of the best college football players and college football takes the best high school football players. The Lions would win easy.

Yes you don't have to play high school football at all. You just have to fulfill the requirements of the college.

All footballs that are high school, college, and NFL level are the same. There is no physical difference besides the look of the ball.

college football size vs. high school football size

If someone is a high school football player why would he be eligible to play in a college football game?

5.7 percent of highschool senior football players will go on to college football.

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