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Q: Is there a difference between engine oil and motor oil?
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Why is engine oil in cars also called motor oil even though engines convert chemical energy while motors convert electrical energy?

because it is only called motor oil by morons who don't know the true difference between a motor and a engine your right it should never be called motor oil unless it is a dc motor that has oil in it but for a engine ran auto it is engine oil

What is the difference between motor oil and vegetable oil?

People eat vegetable oil, cars eat motor oil.

What is the difference between motorcycle oil and regular motor oil?

Automotive oil is formulated as a engine crankcase oil and Motorcycle oil is formulated three jobs a crankcase oil, a transmission-gear oil, and a wet clutch oil.

What is the difference between synthetic motor oil and high mileage motor oil?

High milage motor oil has extra additives which help prevent oil leaks.

What is the difference between 4 stroke and regular ATV motor oil?

No difference. Automobile motor oil is 4 stroke oil just like the oil you use in a 4 stroke ATV. Just purchase the correct weight of any name brand. I recommend you use 100% Synthetic in any air cooled engine.

Is there a difference between the oil in the motor and the transmission?

Crankcase or motor oil is thicker than transmission oil. That's one difference, there may be more (other than color)

What is the difference between SJ and SN motor oils?

Motor oil SJ is for cars made between 1996 and 2001. Motor oil SN has been in use for cars since 2011.

What is a difference between gear oil and the motor oil?

Gear oil is normally a much heavier oil.

What is the Difference between 10w40 motor oil and 80w gear oil?

Viscosity and additives.

What is the difference between 15w40 and 10w40 motor oil?

15 is thicker oil and for bigger engines.

Is engine oil and motor oil the same?

Yes, they are the same. Some people call an automobile engine a motor and some people call it an engine. It is actually an engine and a motor is a electrical device. But motor oil and engine oil for all practical purposes are the same thing.

Is there a difference between a 93 cavalier 3.1 z24 motor and a 93 lumina 3.1 motor?

Yes there is, albeit minor. Main difference is the location of the oil filter. The Cavalier as an filter relocation adaptor, and the Luminas oil filter does not. There are other minor diferences, but the swap is very doable. The oil fitler adapter comes off the engine from the cavalier, and can be mounted to the Lumina motor, and the same goes for the other diferences.

Whats the Difference between refrigeration oil and engine oil?

it's lubricating properties

Main difference between hydraulic and lubricating oil?

engine oil is thick than hydraulic oil

What is the difference between diesel fuel and stove oil?

#2 Fuel oil and #2 Diesel fuel are similar, however, the motor fuel will typically have lower sulfur content, and have additives to help with engine lubrication and cleanliness.

What is the difference between 2 stroke oil and 2 cycle oil?

There is no difference between 2 stroke oil and 2 cycle oil. They are the identical product but are called different names. The 2 stroke refers to the engine type that the oil can be used in.

What is the difference between engine oil and gear oil?

Gear oil is more viscous (thicker) and has different additives in it.

Difference between astm oil no1 and astm oil no 3?

Can fuel oil be used in a deisel engine?

What the difference between 4 cycle small engine oil and 4 cycle automobile oil?

The grade and viscosity of the oil

How will a car run if you put to much oil?

Unless you overfill the engine by an extreme amount, you will not notice any difference in how a motor runs which is overfilled a minor amount, as compared to a motor that has a correct amount of oil. The true danger of overfilling an engine occurs when the oil level reaches the point where the crankshaft hits the engine oil and beats air into the oil. This creates foamy engine oil which does a very poor job of lubricating the engine. (think of an egg beater) That's when the engine damage can occur.

What will happen if you put the wrong motor oil in your engine?

It depends on what you SHOULD have put in and what you DID put in and the age of the engine. Most of the time it won't make much difference.

What's the difference between motor oil brands?

Motor oils come in different grades. The higher the grade, the better quality the motor oil. Some high end vehicles require better quality motor oil to run at their utmost. Otherwise, any grade will do.

Whats the difference between 10w40 oil and 15w40 oil?

The main difference between 10W-40 oil and 15W-40 oil is that 15W-40 oil has a higher viscosity than 10W-40 oil. 10W-40 oil allows the engine to run freely.

What is the difference between the use of coolant and engine oil in the engine?

i think it depends upon the carbon chain.... Which is used in them....

What is the difference between min and max on the oil dip stick?

The difference between min and max is, the min means the minimum amount of oil you can have in your engine, max means the max amount of oil you can have without causing overflow of the oil. You want it in between so when your engine gets hot and your oil expands a little bit it won't over flow your oil filter or dipstick, plus too much over the max level and you could cause oil filter problems, which then in turn can ruin your engine.