Is there a difference between the founding fathers and the framers of the Constitution?

Jenna, Sometimes the term Founders is used to refer to the framers, those who actually attended the constitutional convention. Founders can also be broader term though referring to all of the leaders of the revolution and those who attended the state conventions which ratified the constitution and the first congress which wrote the Bill of Rights. In its brodest sense it can mean every citizan of the United States who supported independence from Britain or stayed in the country after the Revolutionary War. Michael Montagne The Founding Fathers and the Framers are men who contributed in different ways to make our country work in a pleasing manner. The Founding Fathers are those men such as Thomas Jefferson and John Adams who made significant contributions to the Constitution. These men worked to develop independence for our country. The Framers on the other hand were considered more as the men who helped construct or craft the Constitution. Regardless of their titles, these men achieved a lot and have a huge impact on how our country operates today.