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Is there a difference in a divorce if you have been married for ten years?

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Basically no. However, the length of a marriage can affect a spouse's right to private pensions, SS benefits and so forth.

2006-08-14 12:52:12
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Do you need divorce papers if you have been divorced for 17 years?

i have been divorce for 17 years do i need my paper work to get married again as i have lose them

Where can you find out if a divorced person got married again?

I married a immigrant and we are in the process of a divorce. We have been married 5 years. Is my spouse entitled to any thing? Will she be deported when the divorce is final?

How many years of marriage is your spouse entitled to your pension after divorce?

You must have been married 10 years.

Did cece winans divorce Alvin love?

No they are still married have been for 28 years

I have been married to German man for 14 years but we have been separated for 7 years.we were married in Germany and divorce papers are in German what are my rights as an Australian?


My husband did not divorce his first wife before we married what do I have to do now?

Because your husband did not divorce his first wife then you are not legally married. There is a Statute of Limitations in difference States and if you have been married for several years then most likely the marriage would be void. However, you need to sit down with your husband and tell him he because he did not get a legal divorce he needs to look into it and if he is does not then you are not staying with him the way things are.

Can you get a divorce if you got married in Mexico but now live in California?

my boyfriend livis with me for the past year,he has been leaving in California for the past four years. he is married in Mexico and wants to get a divorce. how can he do it?

What year did Leon and Mary Russell divorce?

He's been married to Jan for over 25 years!

There was rumors of a divorce for Jeffrey Osborne True or False?

false, he and sheri have been married for 27 years.

How can I draw my ex spouse social security?

You have to have been married to him/her for 10 years or more before the divorce.

Been separated for ten years do you still have to get divorced in Colorado?

I you don't want to still be married - which you HAVE been for the last ten years - then YES you need to get a divorce.

If you been separated 8 years are you still legally married?

Even if you have been living separate lives for eight years, you are not legally divorced. You are still legally married until you get a divorce and can not remarry until so.

Why did Walter and tremaine Hawkins divorce?

Yes, she's been married to Tommy Richardson Jr for sixteen years

You have been separated from your husband for 18 years are you still considered married in ny state?

Yes. There is no concept of "common law" divorce. Divorce is an actual legal process.

Was Blake Shelton married 3 times?

No, he has been married only once. And since his divorce was finalized he has been dating fellow artist Miranda Lambert for the past 3 years

Is a spouse in Florida entitled to a police's pension when they divorce even if they have only been married for 4 years?

NO and if it is that should be a crime.

Has jimmy fortune of the statler brothers gotten a divorce recently?

No, he has been married to the same lady for the past 13 years.

If you are married but have been separated for 7 years is your marriage still valid?

Yes. If you are legally married then you need to obtain a legal divorce to terminate that marriage. No amount of years of separation will dissolve the marriage.

You were married 23 years ago in Ireland and have been legally separated from your wife since 1996 can you get a divorce in the US which will be recognized in Ireland?

yes, you can get divorce in the US and it will be reconized in Ireland

Has actor Shane Conrad ever been married?

shane conrad was married, but now he will get a divorce. thats good. he will get a divorce next month. i am so glad of that. i heard he is glad of that to. he can't wait to get a divorce from her. so yes he has been married. but next month he will get a divorce. that is so good. yes it is.

Can your ex wife receive social security benefit when you retire?

Yes: If the ex-husband is currently collecting and they have been married for at least 10 years prior to the divorce. Also, if the husband has not yet filed a claim, the ex-wife may collect if they were married for at least 10 years prior to the divorce and has been finally divorced for 2 years.

Your husband has been gone for 42 years are you still married?

If he's completely disappeared for over 7 years he can be decleared dead therefore you would no longer be married, otherwise you will be married until you file for a divorce, which you can do without him if you've been separated more than 5 years (UK law)

How do you divorce someone who has been deported?

i got married to someone who was a imagrant and he got deported how can i get a divorce ?

If you have been married for ten years and are divorcing will i be entitled to spouse's pension and Massachusetts?

Nope, you may get alimony, but you are not entitled to his pension after divorce.

Did kirk Franklin divorce?

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