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Is there a difference in changing the pads on an ABS equiped system compared to a non ABS system?


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2010-04-21 22:04:36
2010-04-21 22:04:36

I've been told that when changing pads on an ABS equipped vehicle that the one difference is that you should open the bleeder screw when collapsing the brake calliper. This is to prevent too much back pressure on the antilock break solenoid.

AnswerI aggree with that answer I had to release the bleeder to get the caliper to back off. I though it might be because my wife let the pads go until there was almost medal on medal. I then had to bleed the line. Answer

I have changed many pads on ABS brakes and have never opened the bleeder valve. However I have seen where answer #2 was the case and opening the bleeder valve had to be done.


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