Is there a different rear end gear ratio in a 2007 Mustang 4.6L GT automatic vs a 2007 4.6L GT Standard shift 5 speed if so what is the ratio for each?

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April 22, 2017 8:22AM

At the moment, my research shows that the GT's come with 3.31 gears from factory. There is an option for Premium GT's with Manual transmissions to swap the 3.31's with 3.55's.

I know the manual trans is rated for better gas mileage, and had assumed that the auto's had different gearing. However, I've just found some information that discusses the specific ratios for each gear in each transmission. From that information, I gather that any gearing differences between the Auto and the Manual are caused by the transmission, not the rear end.

All Ford literature that I find indicates that the 6 bangers, 4.6s and Shelby's come with 3.31 gears.

Here are the transmission ratios as shown on Automotive.com: 44K 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Manual five-speed transmission with shift lever on floor, 3.340:1 first gear ratio, 2.000:1 second gear ratio, 1.320:1 third gear ratio, 1.000:1 fourth gear ratio, 0.670:1 fifth gear ratio and 3.380:1 reverse gear ratio Tremec 3650; Standard transmission; Excludes: [44L] 4-Speed Automatic Transmission

44L 4-Speed Automatic Transmission

Automatic five-speed transmission with lock-up, electronic control, shift lever on floor, 3.250:1 first gear ratio, 2.440:1 second gear ratio, 1.550:1 third gear ratio, 1.000:1 fourth gear ratio, 0.750:1 fifth gear ratio and 3.070:1 reverse gear ratio 5R55S; Automatic drive indicator on dashboard; Standard on Prem Conv for Fleet orders; Fuel consumption: EPA urban (mpg): 18, country/highway (mpg): 23 and combined (mpg): 20; Fuel economy EPA highway (mpg): 23 and EPA city (mpg): 18; Weights: curb weight (lbs) 3519; Excludes: [44K] 5-Speed Manual Transmission.

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