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I'm not an expert on I.J.'s, I'm here looking for answers myself, but to my knowledge, older doubles and o/u's didn't have ejectors unless it was a reputable name brand and would be a more expencive model. I can't prove it true, but this what I was told by a few local old timers, they have more experience then me, I don't have much choice too believe it until found wrong.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:44:33
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Q: Is there a extractor spring on the 12 gauge over under it seems not to eject the shells have to do them manually and if so how do you replace it and where to go to get the right replacement part?
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How can Distinctive markings of shells and cartridges be made?

firing pin , breech block, and extractor and ejector mechanism

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What part of the gun ejects gun shells?

There is a part almost all guns called the extractor that, like its name implies, extracts the shell when the bolt of the gun recoils back.

Does a Stevens Crackshot model 16 have an extractor or do you have to manually extract the spent cartridge?

Stevens Crackshot #16 sidelever does indeed have a crecsent shaped ejector that fits in the recess in the bottom of the chamber.It is operated when the lever is worked although I don't think they were a very good system and you probably end up levering as many spent shells out with a pocketknife as it ejects properly. NOTE: The Stevens # 16 has an extractor,which partially removes the spent shell from the chamber,rather than an ejector, which completely expells the spent shell from the chamber. Does anyone know a good source for these extractors??? HG

Why does your model 58 not eject shells?

Almost impossible to say without having the gun in hand. The two most likely reasons are that parts are dirty, or parts are worn/broken. I would start with a thorough cleaning, with special attention to the chamber, bolt, and extractor/ejector. If that does not cure the problem. look for wear or breakage of the extractor/ejector.

Why will my 20 ga auto Charles daly not eject the spent shells It is brand new?

the extractor might be missing or broken The best thing you can do is take your gun to a qualified gunsmith.

Will your Stevens 87b shoot long rifle shells?

Yes it will as well as 22 short and long rifle, but the rifle will only shoot the 22 LR shells as a Semi auto and the shorts and longs you will have to manually cycle the gun by hand

Why would a Marlin Model 49DL not eject the shells?

There are several reasons. If it extracts them, but doesn't eject, it could be the ejector is missing or broken/worn. If it doesn't even extract them, then the extractor is the culprit. Sometimes dirt can get under the extractor, and hold it from capturing the rim of the cartridge, so be sure to thoroughly clean the gun, before replacing any parts!

Where can you get a clip for 3 inch shells for a 20 gauge Ranger 101.2 shotgun?

We carry new replacement magazines for that shotgun.

Can 3 inch shells be used in the marlin model g 60 410 gauge?

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