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It is found most abundantly in Pig heart, but not at theraputic levels. You would have to eat 15 pounds of pig heart each in order to get the equivilent of 1,200 millgrams of the enzymes CoQ10.

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What foods include statins?

Red yeat rice and oyster mushrooms contain natural statins.

Evidence of statins?

I read it on the internet. It's a good source.

Do statins cause problems with the heart rithim widthout taking CoEnzymeQ10?

Do statins cause problems with the hearts natural electrical rhythim if one has enough CoEnzymeQ10?

What is natural refrigeration?

Natural refrigeration is keeping food cold without using electricity or any power source. Once source of natural refrigeration is snow.

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Food. Manganese nodules. Salt. Source of rainwater.

How does statins effect Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate?

Statins reduce the ESR

Does statins put on weight?

No statins don't make you put on weight....

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Yes the sun is a natural source i read it

How statins work?

Statins are a type of medicine that is used to aid in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Statins block the production of an enzyme which produces cholesterol in the liver.

Why fruits are sweet?

because have a high amount of natural sugar called glucose. this is created by plants as a natural food source. this is why they need carbon dioxide.

Can statins cause heart problems?

As far as I know statins do not cause heart disease.

How are animals being affected by deforestation?

By destroying their natural habitat, ruining their homes and removing their food source

What are statins drugs?

Yes, statins are a class of drugs. They are used in medication for lowering cholesterol levels in humans. Another name for statins is HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors.

How do you treat hyperlipidemia?

1) Dietary changes: going over to a healthy diet and abandoning junk food.2) Statins and/or fibrates. Medical supervision is needed, especially if both statins and fibrates are used.3) Fish oil.

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Natural gas is a nonrenewable energy source.

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a source that gives out light and is natural such as the sun..

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