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Yes, pay you as close to zero, as possible. Always ask for 3 times the amount when filing an insurance claim . Typical initial pain and suffering amount offered will be $1000.00 reguardless of the actual losses unless they are reguarded as severe. Formula to compute pain and suffering is usually: 1) Property Damage + 2)Bodily Injury + 3)Bodily Injury X 2 or up to 5 depending on permanent physical damage + 4)Lost Wages

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Q: Is there a formula the insurance companies use to determine a pain and suffering settlement.?
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Do you pay taxes for auto insurance settlement?

A settlement is usually split into two parts, recovery of damages sustained, and pain/suffering (putative). For recovery of costs, the settlement is not taxed. For pain/suffering it is taxed.

What is the average settlement for pain and suffering from a car accident?

Where I live, Alberta Canada, the maximum by law is $3000.00 Jurisdictions where the govenment was not influenced by the Insurance Companies often have higher payouts

What is the formula the insurance companies use when figuring out a personal injury settlement?

There is no universal formula and each company keeps their method confidential. Generally speaking, settlement offers are based on lost income, (including future lost income), expected future medical expenses, if disabled - the cost of care for the disability, medical expenses incurred and "pain & suffering". Insurance companies will make a higher settlement with you if you ate represented by a good attorney, a lower settlement offer if you got an attorney who advertises on TV, etc and a much lower offer if you don't have an attorney.

What does CIME after a doctors name mean?

I think it means certified independent medical examiner. Insurance companies pay doctors to examine injured people and prepare reports to determine if the insurance company will pay for medical bills or for the injury and the pain, suffering and limitations the injury caused.

Do you pay taxes on pain and suffering settlements?

No. Areas of a settlement such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering are not taxed.

A settlement that occurs in response to other peoples emotional or physical suffering is called?


What makes a really good settlement?

A really good settlement would be one that serves the purpose it was intended for. A settlement is usually given to someone who has endured pain and suffering of some kind.

Will you receive settlement for pain and suffering due to auto accident which you got a broken nose and whip lash?

You may receive a settlement for pain and suffering due to an auto accident for which you got a broken nose and whip lash. An attorney will have to represent you at a hearing.

Is pain and suffering covered by auto insurance?

yes but not yours the other parties

Do you need a attorney to get an at fault insurance carrier to pay you a fair settlement for medical and pain and suffering?

Yes. The attorney works for you and your interests such as personal property, medical expenses, lost wages and settlements for pain and suffering. The insurance company, either yours or theirs, works for the insurance company and will give you only the minimum required by law based on a scale which computes market value of personal property, exact costs of medical expenses, exact lost wages from time off of work due to injury and as close to zero that they can legally come to in settling pain and suffering compensation.

How much do insurance comany pay for pain and suffering?

Insurance company is required to pay for actual damages. This means putting you back to where you were before the accident, not hitting the lottery to get something for nothing. There is no pain and suffering amounts.

If you are at fault in a wreck can your insurance only pay medical bills and refuse to pay for pain and suffering or for transportation to the doctor?

It's not actually a refusal. It is whatever is stipulated in your policy. Insurance companies are very careful about wording in documents. Although you can appeal to the company and also through the courts. But fighting an insurance company is usually an uphill battle.

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