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No such site or list exists.

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Q: Is there a free web-accessible database of World War 2 Army veterans listed with discharge rank and all decorations received?
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What will the DD214 show if you have received Korean Service medal?

The DD214 (US Military Discharge) has an awards/decorations section where all would be listed

What can you use for discharge?

The soldier received his discharge papers from the army. The discharge from the car's tailpipe contains pollution.

I received my discharge on 04142008 and filed my taxes on 04152008 will i get the refund?

It is probably addressed in the discharge it.

You received an unexpected repayment of a loan after my discharge was given Can you keep it?


How can you find out if your a veteran?

Served in the military and received an honorable discharge.

What is a decorated veteran?

A decorated veteran is anyone who received what are referred to as "personal decorations" for something they personally did.

Father passed away and never received a Discharge or Death Summary is that against the law?

Not sure what is being asked. "Discharge" from WHERE or WHAT? Received a "death summary" from WHO? Please include info, and your state, and re-submit.

Abraham Lincoln military honors or decorations?

Even though Abraham Lincoln volunteered in the Illinois Militia, he never actually saw combat. He never received any military honors or decorations.

How do you find out what your father received his bronze stars for?

If he's alive, go through his personal papers. The Bronze Star Medal is awarded with a Citation explaining the circumstances. If your dad is dead, find a copy of his Discharge. There is a section on there for awards and decorations. If the Bronze Star is listed there, take the discharge and proof of your deceased kinship to a Veteran Service Officer at any US Federal Building (some county officers have them too) and they will help you.

Can my disability lump sum payment be garnished if I filed for bankruptcy 9 years ago?

If you received a discharge, then no. If you did not, or if a debt was excepted from discharge, then probably yes.

You received an uncharacterized discharge from basic training and you have your military id card that does not expire until 2009 Will you get in trouble if you use your card in the commissary?


What policy did Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh support?

Nazi Germany. Both received decorations from the Third Reich.

Did jerry Garcia serve in the military?

Yes, he received a Dishonorable Discharge after serving 9 months.

Are you stripped of Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal if received dishonorable discharge?

If you receive a DD, you lose the right to wear ALL awards you've received.

Where can you get your bankruptcy discharge paper?

In most cases it will be sent to you by the bankruptcy court. If you need another copy or have not received your discharge papers when you believe you should have then contact the bankruptcy court to obtain them.

Can you receive a honorable discharge before 180 days?

I received a honorable discharge from the us air force before 180 days under article 396 medical conditions .

When can you file for bankruptcy after you have did bankruptcy?

That depends on your situation. If you have filed but not received discharge of debt, then you may refile immediately. If you filed for chapter 7 and received discharge of debt, then you can file eight years after discharge date for chapter 7. If filed under chapter 13 and received discharge of debt, can refile after two years for same chapter 13. If the first bankruptcy, C. 7, was dismissed for cause, you have to wait 180 days before refiling. If you file a C. 7 and get a discharge, you can file a C, 13 immediately after the 7 is closed, called a "Chapter 20" by bankruptcy lawyers who know what they are talking about.

How do you find out what military medals some-one has received?

If the person's Discharge document is available, there is an "Awards and Decoration" section there.

Who will notify me of the court's decision regarding my chapter 7 bankruptcy case?

You will receive a letter from the court notifying you that you have received a discharge.

How to Become a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator?

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What do you do if you receive an inheritance a month after discharge and didn't know it was coming?

The disclosure of assets received after a BK discharge are determined by the type of bankruptcy filed; state, federal or combination thereof. A safe option would be to contact the BK trustee.

What does decorated soldier mean?

A decorated soldier in one who has received medals for exceptional service, such as the Purple Heart or Congressional Medal of Honor. Awards are also referred to as decorations.

You paid off your mortgage in Oct 2009 but have not received a clear title you are selling your condo and need a clear title?

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Can a marine get government help if he got dishonoral discharged or a wall?

It depends on what type of Governmental help you are referring to and whether the Marine has received an honorable discharge in the past, previous to his Dishonorable Discharge. If a Marine in his or her 1st enlistment receives a DD then the Marine will lose many benefits. If however the Marine served one enlistment and received an Honorable Discharge and then reenlists he will be entitled to all benefits from that first enlistment. But you still need to speak to a Veterans Affairs Representative for details.