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Is there a fuel reset button or something on a 1997 Olds Bravada?

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2006-10-25 10:58:28
2006-10-25 10:58:28

Did you check the owner's manual. I had a Ford Escort and the manual pointed me to a reset switch in the back of my car near the spare tire well. Good luck! No there isn't. The fuel pump receives its power from the fuel pump relay or the oil pressure switch (they are connected in parallel so that power can be provided from either source). The oil pressure switch provides power to the pump when the oil pressure reaches 4 PSI. The Fuel Pump relay supplies power the pump when it receives a signal from the ignition switch. They are no other switches or interupts in the circuit. The 1997 models are noturious for having faulty ignition switches, so if you're not getting power to the fuel pump, that would be the first place to check. Another indicater of the ignition switch would erractic gauge and dash light operation. It may also even cause stalling and transmission shift problems.

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