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Is there a fuse or fusible link in a 1988 Grand Marquis 50 for the cruise control?

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@150K, there is a Strong chance that you have low oil pressure. As such, there is a electronic oil pressure sending unit on the lower front right side of the block. Unplug it for a few seconds. If your check engine light goes away, theres your problem. I personally would hook up a $17 manual oil pressure guage just to be safe. As for the cruise controll problem, this is a common problem. just outside of the transmission, there is an electrical attachment to a vehicle speed sensor. Check both the wires leading into it and the connctions at the sensor itself. Replace at your descretion. As for the o2 sensor, it is possible, but not likely. o2 sensors will rarely set of a trouble code on an EFI motor unless you have a cylinder not firing.

2005-03-22 05:45:11
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Q: Is there a fuse or fusible link in a 1988 Grand Marquis 50 for the cruise control?
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Why has the Cruise control on 2000 grand marquis stopped working?

The most common cause for a cruise control that stops working is that the electrical components or switches have stopped working. Sometimes taking it apart and cleaning the contacts will fix the problem.?æ

How do you repair cruise control on 1992 Grand Pr ix when it is not the fuse?

Change the cruise control switch.

Does the throttle control sensor have anything to do with the cruise control on a 2000 grand Cherokee?

Yes, it can cause the cruise to surge.

Electronic ac module on 2003 grand marquis?

where is the ignition control module located on mercury marquis

1990 mercury grand marquis cruise control doesn't work?

check fuses then refer to the speed control sensor which is on the throttle body closest to the air intake hose that controls the engine idle and speed control. Good luck.

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The wiper control module on a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis can be found behind the instrument panel. It is close to the steering column, on the right side.

What does the traction control solenoid looks like on a 2002 mercury grand marquis?

i have a 2002 grand marquis and when i driving on the highway at speed of 60 to 70 the light of traction control star to flash way is the problem

How do you replace 2003 grand marquis climate control unit?

Take it to the mechanic.

What do you do when the cruise control does not work on a 2008 grand prix?

Check your fuses and wiring to the control first.

Where is the heater control valve located on a 98 grand marquis with electronic temp control?

behind you glove box

What if your 1999 grand marquis will not idle what is wrong?

check your air idle control valve

What are all the buttons for on the steering wheel of a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis?

You can view the 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( starting on page 90 , the owner guide has pictures and instructions for the functions the turn signal lever does , explains the cruise control buttons etcetera )

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Where is the flasher unit located on a 1995 mercury grand marquis?

There isn't one. The 1995 Grand Marquis uses a lighting control prossessor. They are very expensive to replace. The part cost me $325.00.

What would cause the tachometer to bounce back and forth while the cruise control is on in a 1999 Grand Prix GT dennysmith1usarmymil?

You may have a short in your cruise control switch.

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When was Mercury Grand Marquis created?

Mercury Grand Marquis was created in 1983.

Can you turn traction control off in grand marquis?

There is a switch in the glove box to turn it off.

Where is cruise control fuse on 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 5.2?

I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 with the 5.2 v8. The cruise control fuse for mine was located in the steering column. Its an in-line fuse.

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How do you operate cruise control of 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLX?

on our 2001 there is a cruise control button on dash push it then use controls rite side of steering wheel.

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remove radio from a grand marquis 2003

What to do if speedometerand cruise control and odometer stopped working on a 2000 grand marguis?

get it fixed