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No single fuse controls them. But they have the clockspring in common and there is a recall from Daimler Chrysler for this on 1996 to 1998 models. You state you have a 99 model. Go to the Dodge site and go to the owners section. Go to recall information. You'll need the last 8 characters of your VIN. Put them in and see if there was a recall for this on your model. If not, you will most likely be looking to replace the clockspring which connects the items in the steering wheel (horn, cruise and air-bag) to the rest of the electrical system. Seems to be a problem in Chrysler vehicles. I had the same problem. I removed the clockspring and disassembled. there was a minor break of the cable at the connector-pin area, but the major problem was evident only after unwinding. It was about 2 or 3 inches from the wire connections. I called O'reilly, they wanted $55.99 and it was instock. I didn't feel like driving 25 miles to town and spending that much, so i carefully fixed it myself. I would not recommend self repair to most people. You have to cut off the break area then scrap the coating off the new end. Then cut the material between the cable traces, then carefully solder.

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Q: Is there a fuse that controls the cruise control horn and airbag all which are on the steering wheel of a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan?
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Does the Clock spring in the steering column of a 96 Grand Cherokee limited control the cruise controls and the stereo controls on the steering wheel?

It doesn't control anything. It is the connection for the cruise switches, horn switch, radio controls(if equipped) and airbag that allow the steering wheel to turn and there to still be a connection.

Does the ribon wire for cruise control come out of the airbag steering circle on 99forester?

Yes, on a 1999 Subaru Forester, the ribbon wire for cruise control is inside of the steering wheel. The same ribbon also controls the horn.

You removed the steering wheel in your LHS now none of the controls on the steering wheel work and your air bag light is on what could be the problem and a fix?

The clockspring under the airbag is not connected or needs to be replaced! also the cruse control and radio controls in the steering wheel are probably not working

Where is the location of the airbag on a 2005 Dodge Caravan?

Steering wheel, passenger side of the dash, optional in front seats/

What causes airbag light on 2002 dodge grand caravan to remain on?

I have a 1999 Dodge Caravan: Just fixed June 12th,The Airbag light was staying on,the the horn went as well as the cruise control, It is called the CLUTHCH CLOCK that was replace on mine: It is located in your steering Wheel,Not a do it yourself job, It is where you airbag is, cost $129.99 for the part in Canada about an hours work if you know what your doing.

Where is the Cruise Control module for a 03 Dodge Stratus?

On the steering wheel by the airbag

How do you repair the worn look of the steering wheel controls on your 2005 Cayenne S?

only by replacing the whole airbag!

How to find air bag control unit on a peugeot 405 1995?

Hi Its behind the airbag inside the steering wheel. Lee Hi Its behind the airbag inside the steering wheel. Lee

How do you repair the steering wheel radio controls on a 1999 Chrysler Town and Country?

if your airbag light is on and your horn doesn't work you most likely would have to change your clock spring for your airbag .then your speed control, horn and radio will work and the air bag light will go off.

Your airbag light is blinking 4blinks then 1blink on your 1995 t-bird 46 v8?

i had the same problem, it's probably your clock spring. its under the steering wheel and it controls the horn, cruise control and airbag. it also could just be a bad sensor or something. Depends if ur cruise control and horn still work.

What does the computer do in a 1999 chrysler sebring?

The engine computer controls the fuel and ignition systems, along with the ac compressor, alternator, and cruise control. The transmission computer controls the transmission. The abs computer does abs brakes. The airbag computer controls the airbag. Etc.

Why is your Lincoln LS 2000 steering column not working?

If you mean the CONTROLS on the steering column (audio and cruise control buttons) are not working, there is a module buried deep within the steering column that allows the wiring from these controls (as well as the airbag) to maintain their connections to the vehicle circuitry even while the steering wheel is turning. It is called a "clockspring", and it's a bear to replace. Runs $350-500 at the dealer. This problem is very common to the LS.

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