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Since it's close to Halloween, either you, or have someone you know that is fairly good at writing make a semi-spooky ghost story up with a mystery surrounding it. Lighthouses with fog and ghosts are always a good one. Do some research into a real lighthouse (plenty in the States and Canada) and print off a foggy picture of it (there are many wonderful photos of these lighthouses.) Then print off ghostly figures off the web. Go onto: www. Type in: Pictures of lighthouses throughout the United States (or Canada) Then type in: Pictures of Ghosts These types of stories get the kids interested quickly, they really want to see those ghostly apparitions (they don't have to be real ones) and they want to know what the big mystery to the story is. Tell them when they are reading the story there are clues in that story to figure out the mystery of it all. Here's a start: Children are taken on a special camping trip to a deserted Island with a Lighthouse on it. It's been closed down for many years because of a disappearance of a beautiful woman. It is said to be haunted by this saddened ghost. What happened to her? Why is she so sad? In the story, place clues here and there. Make the story only about 6 - 7 pages long (double spaced) or the kids will get tired of it quickly. I've done it and you'd be surprised how the poor readers quickly pick up speed, and the laughter and buzzing from the kids. They want to learn about the story. Kids today are getting more sophisticated at what they want to read and the "Harry Potter" books are a good example. It's fun, it won't hurt their little minds and after all .... Halloween is just around the corner. Boo! Good luck Marcy

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Q: Is there a game you can play for children age 12 in which you may ask questions on how to understand reading a book?
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What is reading beyond the lines?

It means reading and thinking about questions that aren't obvious in the book and/or article. For example; Questions about the the future (in the reading).

When reading a book you see there is a photo on the page you are reading You wonder What is that This is an example of what?

asking questions

How many books are for kids around 8?

There are lots of books for children. What is more important when choosing a book is not age, but the reading level of the child. Many children read below their age level and some are above. One way to check to make sure the reading level is proper for the child is to have his/her read you a section from the book. If they miss more than 2 words or skip over words the reading level may be too hard for them. Also ask them one or two questions to see if they understand what they just read. This checks comphrension and to see if they understood what they are reading. Doing these things will keep your child reading and the more reading they do the better off they are in school.

How do you concentrate on reading?

You concentrate on reading by blocking out all noises, and things that will distract you!Get comfortable with a book that you'd like to read. Don't choose a book that will bore you. (: Choosing a book that would be easy for you to understand and one that you would like to read plays a big role in affecting your reading!Lastly, try to focus on what you're reading, and if you understand it or not. If you don't understand what you're reading, you will stare off into space wondering what you're reading about!

What is Book Reading?

Book reading means when you read something. Learn stories or something new. Book Reading Makes Your Brain Sharper. Book reading helps you in many ways. You start reading any book of your choice, you will see that in a few days your ability to understand things will have increased. Reading books brings a good change in your personality. There are many benefits of reading a book, you can know more about it from Ziyyara. You just go on google and simply type "the importance of reading Ziyyara"

Assume that you're reading a book To help understand the book you picture what the book is about in your mind This is an example of what?

Making mental images

Do you have answers to electrical wiring Industrial 14th edition by Stephen Herman?

As with any instructive text book, the answers to questions in the book are found by reading the book. Usually these types of books will have questions at the end of each chapter. In the chapter that should have been read, the answers will be there. To learn the electrical trade, it is not just finding answers to questions, it is understanding what the questions are about and this can only be accomplished by reading the book.

What is a childrens book that asks questions?

There is an old book called, "Questions Children Ask". It was written by Edith and Ernest Bonhivert.

Where can one find reading games for children?

Reading games for children can be found at ones local library. Also reading games can be found at toy stores, book stores, and children's themed stores.

Why do students love reading books?

Because when children read it makes them feel like they are getting transported into the book instead of reading the book

What are some easy questions for a grade one on a setting in a book?

Since setting is time, place, and social context, you'd ask questions about that. What questions depend on what book they're reading at the time!

Does reading the bible help your reading?

Reading anything helps you to learn how to read better. The Bible is a good book to read because it is written in old-fashioned language, which is harder to understand. If you can learn how to understand it, you will really be a good reader.

Is the book the son of Neptune a 5 grade reading book?

If you are a good reader and you understand thick books it can be for 5th grade but if you do not understand thick books it can be mostly for 6th grade!

What is the difference between reading the book Othello and watching the movie?

you have to read the book first like that you cand understand the movie

How do you read a person like a book?

by reading their expression and studying how they act and answer to certain questions

How do you answer questions on Lord of the Flies?

You start by reading and enjoying the book. The rest will fall into place.

In chapter 17 in the book The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe how do the 4 children change and who do they become?

WikiAnswers cannot answer your homework questions for you. Try reading the novel yourself, as that is the best way to learn.

Why won't they make the next eregon movie?

Because the first one was awful. If you watched the movie without reading the book, try reading the book and watch it again, you'll understand.

Why does steinback swear in the book of mice and men?

Because he is a mice himself and does not understand what he is reading so

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It is impossible to answer this if you don't mention the questions. There is an infinite amount of discussion questions that can be developed throughout this book. Considering the fact that it is a memorable book, if you haven't read it, you should. So, yeah, when I read this for school, we were given multiple sheets of discussion questions. I strongly advice you read it, and if you don't understand it while reading, get help by using sparknotes on

How would children learn about manners in colonial times?

Reading the book of manners

What is the meaning of home reading report?

hi there, I would understand that that "home reading report" would from the way i understand this question so that a teacher will know your understanding of the concept and or book. I hope this helps.

What has the author Claire E Morris written?

Claire E. Morris has written: 'Selecting children's reading' -- subject(s): Book selection, Books and reading, Children, Children's libraries

Importance of having mini library at home for children?

it important because it can train your children to like reading a book....

What do you do in a twilight club?

You discuss the book, ask questions on what you don't understand, talk about what you like and don't like in the book, and basically state your opinion on the book, etc.